Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A new place...A new life..

Just got my internet connection today..and the first thing I want to do is BLOGGING!!

Well, I am now blogging from my new workstation at Level 11, Menara Bank Pembangunan. I reached the buiding at 7.50 a.m. yesterday, full of anxiety. Too worried till I could not find the entrance to the building! Actually, the ground floor of the building is under major renovation so they have to close the main entrance. And I lost my way to the alternative entrance! Just could not think straight. Thank God one Bank Pembangunan person is willing to lead me.

As I entered the building, I saw lots of familiar faces and I could feel that I am at ease. Nothing to worry Rafiqah!

Unlike BITMB where we have to clock-in at our designated floor, we only have to do it at Ground Floor, which is fair for everyone. Once I've swipe my access card, I entered my new office. Since it was rather early in the morning, the office was rather empty. Since there was a lot of empty cubicle, I had trouble finding mine. So, I asked a nice lady (the only person there at that time) and she showed me. My new workstation is rather shabby looking and way smaller than my good old cubicle. But I don't complaint much cause I know it is going to be temporary. By the end of this month, we are going to move to Ground Floor (the one that is currently renovated).

Then, I invited my new friend to have breakfast with me which she kindly turned down as she had hers already. So, here I am all alone, went to Level 10 to drink and there I met my ex-dept mate. Yippee!!

Sharp 8.30 a.m., I was back at my desk. What am I suppose to do? I do not have a phone and no access to PC network i.e. no email, no internet. I am doomed. But not for long..A kind man came and greeted me, and he asked me whether I was introduced to my Head. Since the answer is NO, he brought me and my collegue (from BITMB) to my boss' room. My boss was a tall man, probably in his 40s. An experienced man, I thought!

Then, he introduced me to the rest of my branch mate. On a whole, there's about 20 of us. Around 8 doing credit & marketing, 8 doing supervision, 3 doing Finance and 1 driver. One driver for one branch! Cool..Now, I don't have to rebut-rebut for a driver unlike before, where the whole Bank fought for the service of 3 pool drivers...aaahhh..a sigh of relief..

At around 10.30 a.m., we were called for a loan supervision section meeting, where my Boss, explained our target - Disbursement, Collection, Income and Follow-Up Report. My! That's a lot of job to be done! I'm geared up for the challenge.

Then, the rest of the day is all about reading policy (sampai berair2 mata sebab ngantuk) and then I visited my friends' dept. They have nicer partition I must say! It's ok Rafiqah, u'll get one soon..

Back at my office, we were treated with pisang goreng panas and flower-like popia. I was a bit shy-shy cat to join but they said there's no reason for me to be shy. In this branch, we are family, they said. We carry out our own activities like pot luck and family day. Different from HQ people. Wow! Impressive. They seem to have some kind of a branch spirit..and I am starting to fall in love with my new place and officemates!

Today, I was more suprised when my boss treated us for a free lunch at Pizza Hut. What?! I asked my new collegue, what was it all about..And they said, NONE! Boss likes to treat us every month. EVERY MONTH! Biar betul.. There goes my diet!

All in all, I guess it is not bad after all...I know that starting 1st Sept, I shall be loaded with lots of work...based on what my new collegues here have warned me. The manangement expects a lot from the branches as we are the main revenue center for the Bank. So, high expectation equals heavy workload. But if the working atmosphere is as friendly as it is now, I can be sure that I could tolerate such workload. For me, the most important is warm and happy working environment...This will motivate us to do our job well..and free lunch every month..That's a BONUS! Hehehe..

As at now, I'm so looking forward for public holiday tomorrow..Had enough of reading policies!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

The last few days at Level 26, BITMB..

On Thursday, 25th August 2005...

Sorting stuffs..

Box manufacturer must be smiling now..Sales for this month is up!

Some people just can't stop working!!

On Friday, 26th August 2005...

Continue packing..in a more casual way..

Hey..that's the camerawoman in yellow (i.e. ME!) , busy sorting out stuffs..

Me having fun despite the aching body..Ouch!

Looking deep into the memo of transfer..Apalah nasib ku hari Senin ni..

Having lunch together for the last time...in the same building...

Me also wanna eat!

It is sad when..

It is sad when...you have to leave the place that u have been working for almost 6 yrs.
It is sad when...you have the feeling that you are going to miss your friends that you have been working with
It is sad when...you are located in the Branch instead of HQ
It is sad when...everybody got its new cubicle number, except you..and found out that they somehow missed out your name
It is sad when...the moment you got the cubicle number, it tends out to be a cubicle for clerk, instead of exec's
It is sad when...we are laughing while packing stuffs and suddenly you remember that it is the last day we are together
It is sad when...you realised the name that you always mentioned when someone asked where you are working, will no longer exist by 1st September
It is said when...it ends this way..

From 1st September 2005 Rafiqah is going to move from Credit II Department (SMI Loans), Level 26, BITMB to Level 11, KL Branch, Loan Supervision Unit, SME Bank

Goodbye Bank Industri & Teknologi Malaysia Berhad..
Welcome SME Bank..

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah perjalanan hidup hamba Mu ini..Amin..

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Wednesday, 24/8/05 - Received email from Admin & Property department:-
Setiap kakitangan di peruntukkan 5 kotak seorang, dan setiap jabatan di peruntukkan 30 kotak (Untuk fail-fail jabatan). Fail-fail jabatan yang tidak dibawa bersama hendaklah diserahkan kepada Jabatan Pentadbiran & Harta untuk disimpan/ diserahkan kepada jabatan baru. Semua peralatan pejabat tidak dibawa bersama kecuali komputer dan printer peribadi.

At least I got my PC that contains 1001 valuable items (personal downloaded pics, articles, sample of faxes, letters, papers - all the 6 years of hard work..oh yeah, resume, resignation letter..hehehe..)
Some of us has started sorting, disposing the unwanted and packing the vital items inside the boxes.

Thursday, 25/8/05 - Continue packing..Boxes and scraps were everywhere. It was a massacre..
But some do continue working, finishing the important task before taking over a new job..

From Friday, 26/8/05 to Sunday, 28/8/05 - Transfer process will take place. All our stuffs will be transferred to our new place, either the building across-the-street or new level in the same building..

From Monday, 29/8/05 to Tuesday, 30/8/05 - Training will be given to our Bank's staff on the new policy and new job function..Oh yes, we are adopting to their policies and organizational structure. The victim will always be a victim..

Wednesday, 1/9/05 - Effective from this date, we are to undertake our position as stipulated in the Human Resource's letter..Tarikh Keramat tu..

Hope there's internet connection so I can continue blogging..

Monday, August 22, 2005

Waiting for the Unknown

22nd August 2005..hmmm..this is the day scheduled for each one of us to receive a letter, indicating where will we go after this..

As per my previous entry (you can read it here), my Bank has been taken over by another Bank. I am working in one of the development banks in Malaysia. Basically, the idea to merge between two development banks comes from the overlapping of products and services, using the same source of fund which mostly comes from the Government. In Budget 2005, the notion to set-up an SME Bank was brought up. This Bank is to cater for the Small and Medium Enterprise' funds requirement to enable them to expand and simultaneously, increase Malaysian economic status.

Thus, by merging two development banks, it could streamline the products to provide better service to the SMEs. With the overlapping of services and idea to set-up SME Bank, the across-the-street Bank has 'makan' our Bank and turn our Bank to SME Bank. Since they have staffs who handled SME accounts there, they shall be transferred to SME bank and the rest will join the parent company, which is to handled big corporate accounts like maritime and infrastructure. So they will be a lot of reshuffling going on..

So who to where? That is to be determined today. Each of our Bank's staff (including me!) will receive a letter. A letter to show us our future..
Since I'm into evaluating SME loans, BIG probability I'll be joining the SME Bank. But to which department and with whom? The answer to which is still unknown..and I hate waiting for the unknown..the conclusion is, I HAVE NO MOOD TO WORK TODAY!!


Updated at 5.45 p.m.:

Got the LETTER!

I am transferred to Loan Supervision Department for KL Branch!! What?? I hate, hate, hate the job. I hate doing 'ceti' work, kutip hutang here and there..
I have never done Loan Administration work before, but I know it involves working with problematic clients..which means no FREE LUNCH for me!
But then again, another side of me said life goes on..Just take the challenge! After all, this is just a secondment letter and I'm under evaluation. If I can't handle the job, they could transfer me to another department that I'm best in. Semuanya berserah kepadaNya..
But then, if only CreateMyOwnGift is stable enough so I could quit this job and become my own boss..ahhhh...

Friday, August 19, 2005

What's in for entertainment?

What would you do if you are trap in a confined space for X amount of time? This is how a one-year old lad entertain himself when his parent put him in his crib..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Let me see..
1) A birthday cap from Tok Teh..embroidered with Ashraff's name (hmmm..an idea for createmyowngift?)
2) A remote control..
3) A tamborine..
4) Ibu's mineral water??

The above could make him quiet for half and hour..

But after that, these are the looks he gave us..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You really know how to make our hearts melt..

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


One fine day in the month of May, my office phone rang. From the ringing tone, i could tell it was an internal call..

"Hello Pn Rafiqah. I'm from Training Deparment. I just want to inform you that you are nominated for a course in Japan for two weeks. The course will be from 28th June to 16th July."

Wow! This is the first time in my 5 years service, I was offered the priviledge to attend an overseas course. It just took my breath away..Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun...hmmm..What do they have there? One thing for sure, they have the most advanced technie gadgets there..then they have Disneyland...then I know the people in Tokyo is fashion freak...BUT, I will have language difficulties, the food is non-halal (and I hate sushi!) and it is too pricey to shop. Oh whatever! It's a free holiday!

Opps, I'm still on the phone..

"Pn Rafiqah, we want to know your position as we want to get CEO's approval for the course"..

Sure! Anytime..

Then I waited, and waited..and NO news. What happened?

Then, one fine day, the news spread like CNN..The lady boss is to attend a course in Japan for two weeks!! What?? My heart broke into pieces. I know from then on the dream trip to Japan was merely..a dream. She, the lady boss, has 'HIJACKED' the course from me..As a boss, she has attended several overseas course, yet still find it insufficient and have the guts to steal away my precious free holiday. Selfish brat!

So life goes on..The whole thing was a blessing in disguise. Without Japan, I can witness Ashraff's first step, which I wouldn't want to trade for anythg!

Two months past..and one fine day in the middle of July, my phone rang..

"Pn Rafiqah, you are nominated for a two-week course in Istanbul, Turki. The course will start on 19th September. The best thing about this course is it's a half-day course, so you will have the evening to yourself.."

Turki..Europe! Relek..relek..don't get excited. Remember what happened last time? Yes I do.

But now, at this hour, my nomination to the course was approved by my CEO, training dept. has taken my passport details, I have received the flight schedule, and now waiting for the organiser in Turki to approve my attendance.

I can't really say that it is 100% guaranteed that I'll fly off to Turki as I know 'hijacking' can happen anytime, anywhere..Not until you have boarded the plane. Praying hard that it will go thru..At least, this time around, I'm going to a Muslim country..in Europe..aaahhhh...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Am I her?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Which Desperate Housewife are you?

Is it so? From the description, I think I can live with that. Sounds not that desperate, hah? But then again, I don't watch the story due to time constraint (what channel and what time is it again?). Probably she's one desperate stay-at-home wife!

Thanks famygirl for giving me the link!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Smoke (Haze) Gets In Your Eyes.

This HAZE is killing me! I can feel the pain in my throat, a blocked nose and a teary eyes. Deary Hubby too. Thank God Ashraff is strong enough not to be suffocating in this bad condition.

Was it this bad the last time?

Few years ago, Malaysia was hit by the same phenomenon. I was in Australia at that time, still doing my degrees. I heard that we were advised to wear mask and not to go out from our house or office. Must be bad, I guess. Wish I was somewhere out of this hazey box, London perhaps..

Heiii..where's the mask that we wear when we carry the theme 'SARS Attack!' in my company's treasure hunt competition last two years? We won second place for The Best Costume. Found the gloves but the mask was nowhere to be seen...Wish it's still here so I can wear it to my trip to Sogo on our long Friday's lunch..

Ashraff's birthday party is this weekend. I don't feel good about it. Scared that most of my friends would prefer to stay at home during weekend due to this severe weather. Who would attend Ashraff's party then? Feel like postponing it to a later date. Will discuss with hubby and mak & abah tonite. See if we can do it indoor instead. Hope Mak won't mind her carpet and sofa being smudged with dirty little hands...

Rain, Rain, Please come and Take the Haze away..

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Memento of a One-Year old Ashraff.

Flu bug has attacked the family. I'm on MC yeterday and now hubby's turn. I hope Ashraff has strong antibody or else he'll make his Ibu a lot more miserable - with sleepless nite of course!

Here's some of Ashraff's photos taken on the day he becomes a toddler..

Looking rather disturbed when we interrupted him while he's busy picking up the grass..

A candidate of grandpa-grandson look alike contest. Not only they look the same, but they seems to be sharing the same interest..

Busy running around in the backyard..Look at his face, full of excitement on God knows what!

Birthday boy - sleeping soundly..

Friday, August 05, 2005

It's Ashraff BIG day!!

Today my beloved Ashraff has turned ONE!! He's a big boy now. He can walk (or should I say run!), can make lots of noises, can associate lots of word with action for e.g will wave goodbye when we say 'bye-bye', can do 'Ali Cafe' action, will cover both ears with his hands when he hears the 'Azan', will look up at the ceiling if we say 'Lizard', or tried to open the curtain with his small hands when we say 'Bird', will raise his hands when we say 'Who's Ashraff?'. What a milestone!

NO WAIT!! He's not ONE yet..Not at this time of the day. He'll only turned ONE at 9.47 p.m. tonite. That reminds me I have to set an alarm at my handphone so that it will prompt me to wish Ashraff HAPPY BIRTHDAY with lots of hugs and kisses at 9.47 pm sharp tonite!

Where were I at this time last year? Oh yeah, I was in the labour room, playing game from my Nokia phone. I was dilated for about 4 cm, but I can still stand the pain. The Nurse kept on asking me "Tak sakit ke dik? Boleh main handphone lagi..Water bag dah pecah dah ni..We have put you on drip..Want some epidural?". The last question is totally off. No pain and yet asked me whether I need an epidural?? Trained drug pusher, i thought.

Then the real pain came at about 7 pm and above. Ooohhh..aahhhhhs...Sakit yang..sakit yang.."Pakai oksigen tu dik, kurang sikit sakit" Tak jalanlah kak!! I screamed. Fitri continued to recite doa and I followed him with my shakey voice. He's such a good companion. I guess the antenatal class really teached him on what to do in the labour room. But thank God that it lasted for only 2 hours before our first baby by the name of Ashraff Mohd Fitri was born.

The sound of his cry and the sound of my good old Bilal 'mengazankan' our baby was such a beautiful sight. The whole day of last year is somethg that I will never forget. It's the day when I became a Mother...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

One Day to go..

Been rather busy this week but have to find time to write in my beloved blog. Why? Because tomorrow is Ashraff's 1st birthday and I know I have to record this. Seriously, I have mixed feelings about him turning ONE - sad, happy, excited.

Last year, at this time, I was at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, enjoying my meal (they have great food there!), no pain whatsoever. Yeah, I was admitted one day earlier due to my high BP. Very risky, Dr Jemilah said. So, the whole of the day, was spent lying down, sleep (but tido2 ayam one) and watching TV. Different nurse came and checked on my BP and baby's heart beat (I still remember one nurse told me that my baby was asleep as she could tell from the sound of the heart beat. That was around 11 am. How sweet!).

Despite being treated like a queen (I would prefer a princess!) in the hospital, I was a bit annoyed with the whole check-up procedure. I feel like asking them to check on my heart beat instead as I can feel like it is beating really fast. It's like waiting for a time bomb to explode. When will I feel the contraction? When will this baby come out? What is the pain like? Am I strong enough to go through this?

Only at around 10 p.m. that night, I could feel the slight discomfort, more like a period pain. When I told hubby about it, he helped me to apply the minyak selusuh at my big tummy and asked me to drink air selusuh. We slept together that night on the single bed, hugging each other, with our hands on my tummy hoping that our bundle of joy will be born tomorrow.

The rest will be updated tomorrow...