Friday, April 25, 2008

An update from moi

If u happened to pass by my house and saw a big bird better known as peacock, trust me, you are not hallucinating. What you saw is real! Yup, yup. Our neighbour keeps peacock as pet and when he is not at his house (probably going for a holiday or balik kampung) the cage is left opened so that the birds could find their own food.

But I have to tell you, it is such a troublesome for us. One, the bird makes such a loud noise which irritates our ears especially in the middle of the night. And two, it’s faeces really stinks!!

For the past two weeks (or more), the birds have been making lots of noise. I’m just wondering where the hell did my neighbour went and when is he coming back. Poor animal! They must be starving to death…coz to tell you the truth, I do not have the clue what these peacocks have for meal.

Anyway, it’s been a long while since I post an entry. I’m kinda free but I just lost the appetite to blog, since nothing extraordinary happens in my life lately except the fact that my hubby has returned from China & HK and bought us lots of goodies.

Well, about work, I have a not-so-good news which I think and assume will cause me lots of headaches in the future. The bank is under restructuring (again) and this time those in branches are badly affected. Officers in branches are required to do everything! I mean, from entertaining walk-in enquiry about our products until settlement of debt. This involves lots and lots of work including marketing, preparing credit proposal, disbursement, monitoring of loans and credit control. A one-man show. I suffered the same scenario few years back in my old bank and those were the worst two years of my working life. And now, I have to face it again.

I guess I have to take a long leave and do some soul searching. I seriously considering updating my resume and apply for a new job. Any job opening, anyone? Can someone who has almost 8 years of banking experience get out from this industry and enters a completely new industry?

Hmmm…after a long tiring day of work, the only thing that makes me happy is seeing my two boys greeting me everytime I return from work…

That is if they are not up to some good fight or throwing tantrums…

Taking about tantrum, manage to capture a ‘nice’ photo of Aliff in one of his meltdowns in the ever-crowded KLCC. We manage to attract lots of attention..hahaha…

News alert, everybody! I've updated my other check it out!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Look who can doodle now!

Scribble..scribble...This is fun!
Opps...the pen slips. I'm still learning how to hold it properly...just like Abang.

Got it! Doodle, doodle...

More scribbling...scribble, scribble...

Ok, time's up. Time to tear the papers to small pieces. That's the end of my doodling adventure.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An intimate issue

This is something personal...something intimate that at first I don't think I want to blog about it (esp knowing the fact that this blog can be assessed by almost anybody)

But when I re-think about it, I know I have to record it somewhere because it is something significant in my life. Something which I have not encountered for the last two years plus.

It is something called "The Menses"....hehehe...

Yup, I got it last Sunday (30/3/2008 to be exact) after two years. Seriously I was shocked! I was still 90% breastfeeding Aliff. So it was something unexpected. I thought I was pregnant because it feels like it. I was telling hubby the day before that I want to have a pregnancy test. Tengok-tengok the very next day, the direct opposite show up. It's like the first time having it. Thank God, I have the stock in place, or else, I'll be in lot of trouble..hahaha..

But I'm glad it has finally decided to show up. So now, I can plan my next pregnancy..hehehe...
Kalau tak, main agak2 je..hahaha.