Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Too many things on my plate!!

Ok, I'm getting heavier...that's nothing new here..

But on top of that there are some additions to my almost full plate..

1) Maid

Yup, we just got ourself a new maid. She came 4 days ago from Bandung with the help of my friend who deals directly from her Indonesian acquantaince. This particular maid is supposedly to become my friend's maid but due to urgency she has taken other maid, so this maid is given to me instead.

We took her from my friend's house last Sunday...and exactly the next morning while I was busy preparing breakfast for Aliff, she came to me and told me that she has medical problem i.e. Hepatitis B. What?!! How does that happened? I was told by my friend that her medical record from the check-up done in Indonesia is clear. So where does this medical problem comes from?

As soon as I arrived at the office, I rang my friend to tell her the news. She was shocked as she was told by the agent in Indonesian that the medical record is clear prior to proceed with making her passport. And this maid also told my friend that she has no medical problem. So siapa yang tipu siapa ni? Agen Indonesia yang tipu? Atau maid ni yang tipu sebab dia nak balik?

You see, my friend told me that as soon as this maid arrived in Malaysia, she seems to have second thought about working in she called up her husband, and her husband told her to return. Senang je cakap.

So, at first we thought that this Hepatitis thingy is a made-up story for us to return her to her country. But we were wrong. Yesterday, my friend received the medical report via fax from the agent and from the record shows that indeed she has a minor Hepatitis B. So, from what I deduce here, the agent has cheated on us as according to the verbal agreement, passport is only to be done should the medical record is clear. Now, things do not turn out this way.

And the maid did not know that she has to do a second medical check-up in Malaysia in order for us to 'legalize' her stay here. So when my friend asked her before, she said that she is okay.

Now that things turn out this way, the maid is begging for me to send her home as she feels uncomfortable staying. But my friend told her to stay (her tourist visa lasted for one month) until the agent finds her replacement.

The maid feels so stressed out with the whole scenario until she burns a hole in my maternity blouse while ironing. I take it as she did it unintentionally (lebih baik berfikir baik) but that does not stop me from being annoyed and mad at her. Dia fikir dia je stress, how about me? Duit dah keluar, maid tak dapat...gee...

We'll see how things go today. But for the time being, we hope and pray we could get a replacement maid as soon as possible without burning further hole in our already burned pocket.

2) Relocation

In the midst of maid's problem, Hubby just got a letter this afternoon from his management for his relocation to Johor. This is not something new to us as we are already expecting this since end of last year. But now that reality strikes, I feel so emotionally unprepared. think of not having Hubby around to assist me with the kids are something a bit too unbearable. I know there are a lot of wives and mothers out there who are of the same position as I am going to be, but they may be super-wife and mother but I am not.

Yes, I have a mother who lives nearby...and maybe a helpful live-in maid one day. But the responsibility of raising the children still lies with not having him around to help, is a tough scenario for me.

And to top it all off, the letter stated that there will be no salary adjustment for him i.e. he is promoted to a higher position with the same salary earned. What?!! I really don't believe this! Our cost of living will increase substantially...with rental and 2 cars to maintain (one in KL and one in JB), cost of him going back and forth every weekend...and yet no salary increment?! You got to be kidding!

All this while, I thought having to make emotional (and perhaps physical) sacrifices without him around is substantiate with at least a better financial position (although that is nothing compared to his presence in the house)...but now with this news? Our lives seems to be deteriorating in two ways - emotionally and financially!

Seriously now I could not think straight. There are two many things on my plate...belum selesai masalah maid and now this...

I feel like bursting out...

Please oh please make this easier for me...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Something that I have in common with Victoria Beckham... definitely not her net worth!

But having three boys to raise...and a baby girl coming along the way!

Alhamdulillah, after having 3D/4D scan last Saturday, it is somewhat confirmed that we are expecting a baby girl as our fourth child...

How do I feel about it?

Let me quote Mrs Beckham "We are still in shock. After having 3 boys, you sort of expecting another one, so finding out there is a little girl in there is suprising..."

Yes, that's exactly how I feel...nervous, shocked, unbelievable!

The most excited one in the family is Abang Ashraff.

He told me that I can now start shop for pink...and light purple. Yup, he associates those two colours with girls. And this baby sister will enjoy playing Barbie..and dress up like a princess. He also told me that he will have a sister who shall be schooling at CBN (C0nv@nt Bkt Nanas), just next door to his school.

Yup, he is very excited.

And am I as excited as him?

Emmm...biasa je. Still in shock.

After all, it's better for me to feel this way rather than feeling over the moon, as nothing can beat the power of Al-Mighty. He has the power to change everything, even at the very last minute.

As for now, we only hope that the baby is born safe, healthy and perfect, just like my past three deliveries.

Please pray for my safe delivery which shall take place this summer...i mean, June, insyaAllah.

"Kalau betullah dapat baby girl, she is such a lucky girl to be bless with three brothers to protect and love her dearly, insyaAllah..."

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What an eventful day!

Oh's 2011 and this is my first entry for the year...and it's already March. many things that I've blogged in my mind but never got the chance to write it down.
Our Perth trip in November 2010, Ashraff's first day in Standard One, my pregnancy so far, Aliff and Aqieff's development...

But today, I really need to pen this's about what happened yesterday.

Hubby is outstation for one week. Since Hubby is not around, I had to drive to work...with the almost 20 years old kereta merah kepunyaan Mak. The car, looking at its age, has lost its alarm function, so we had to manually lock the car, and you have to do while you are inside the car with the driver's door open, come out from the car and close the door. Pretty tricky.

So basically you can guess what had happened.

Yeah, yeah..of all the day, I left the car key inside the car while the doors are all locked. It was raining heavily so with my hands full of things - umbrella, paper bag lagi, I completely forgotten to take the key from the car while I locked. I got to find out..bila lagi, masa nak baliklah. Berpeluh-peluh cari kunci rupanya ada dlm kereta. Gee!

I immediately called Mak to check whether there is any spare key at home, and thank God she said yes. So, I decided to take LRT and taxi back home, took the spare key, asked Mak to drive me back to LRT for me to take the car home. But alhamdulillah, on my way to LRT, a colleague of mine passed by and gave me a lift. The first comment I got when I reached home is "Dah macam Ashraff pulak, tertinggal-tinggal benda...". Hahaha...mana lagi tumpahnya kuah kalau bukan ke nasi...

After dinner, me and Mak (accompanied by Aliff) went to Melawati to re-print Ashraff's passport photo as the school requested for it (apparently the one we gave them during registration got lost in the midst of 1001 documents).

Then Mak was kind enough to drive me to the office despite her not being well.

At almost 10.00 I reached home safely. Problem settled. Now, it's time to check on Ashraff's homework, and to pack the boys things for school tomorrow, settle them for bed so that I could get my rest. The boys are left upstairs to watch TV.

Things are not settled there.

Suddenly I heard Ashraff shrieking from upstairs "Ibu! Tolong! Aqieff terkunci dalam bilik Tokmak!" and Ashraff started crying "Aqieff! Aqieff!"

The first thing that came to my mind is "Gosh! The keys are all in Mak's room! Pleaselah ada satu set lagi kat luar.."

I ran upstairs but Mak reached there first (yelah, agak payah mak buyung nak lari).

Mak pulak menjerit "Ya Allah! Aqieff selak pintu...Pujuk dia utk cuba bukak selak while Mak think of a way..".

By that time, Aqieff has started to Abang Ashraff nangis kat luar, Aqieff nangis kat dalam...

I tried to console him and tried to ask that 1 1/2 year old lad to release the latch, but it is all in vain. Aqieff's cry was getting louder..and panic strikes me. Apa lagi, I tried to kick the door...imagine mak buyung kicking the door..buruknya! That only lasts for few kicks because I know that's not the way to solve the problem.

By then, I've started crying while trying to console Aqieff. Tetiba dengar bunyi macam Aqieff terjatuh. So, I kneeled down and said to him between my sob "Aqieff jatuh ye? Bangun Qieff..bangun!". My cry is getting louder...and so did his..

Since Hubby is not around there's no man in the house, so we had to call Syafiq (sedara) for help. We waited anxiously for him...and that seems to be the longest time in my life...

I tried to selitkan kertas bawah pintu..and I could feel Aqieff pulled the paper. I feel connected to him...and the only thing that seperates me with Aqieff at that time is the thick wooden door...Only God knows how much I want to hug and kiss him.

After 1/2 hour, Syafiq arrived. He climbed the stairs to reach for Mak's bedroom window. I didn't see him in action as I was at the door trying my best to be with Aqieff. But all I could hear that there is a loud sound, mcm org bertukang..and the next thing you know, the door is opened...and I could see Aqieff terduduk atas lantai.

I grabbed him, hugged and kissed him as much as I can.

He was wet with sweat and tears after 45 mins being locked in the room...and also blood. Yes, blood! It was all over his t-shirt, hand and face. My God! I think he must have fell down and cut his lips as it is swollen. To my suprise, the wall next to the door is also painted with his blood. Horrific sight for me!

All in all, it was a tiring day for me and the rest of the family. Both of his Abangs are very quiet after the event as they are both guilty for entering Tok Mak's room without permission and left Aqieff there alone.

We learn our lessons...the latch which is within the reach of a toodler, has to be removed. Yep, after 7 years of having kids in Mak's house, we don't think the situation will happen...but it does happened...and Aqiefflah mangsanya.

At about 12 am, the boys are finally put to sleep and I got to settle myself in bed and inform Hubby about the whole day event. Yes, it is an eventful day for me!

Hope today and the rest of the week are brighter and smoother...sebab kalau hari2 ni macam semalam boleh sakit jantung, sakit badan, mcm2 sakit dibuatnya.