Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Latest Craving

I'm sure most of you have encountered this...

When you eat something, and when you are almost finished / finished the food, you feel that you have to take somemore. And the feeling goes on and on...payah nak stop...

This is how I feel when I ate this super-delicious moist steam fruit cake...

Marvellous! Super-moist! Tonnes of fruits and nuts!

I am not a fruit cake lover...but then when I blog-hopped to The Kek's blog one day during this Puasa month, my saliva immediately drools the moment I looked at the photo of the cake.

Terus order!

And the next day, dah dapat...Excellent service!

Sekarang tinggal sikit je lagi. Definitely gonna order for Raya (I hope tempahan untuk Raya masih dibuka)!

You guys should try this...(no, I don't earn any commission on it. I'm just sharing what I think I ought to share). Anyway, kalau you don't quite like it, don't blame me eh...after all, we humans got different taste buds...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Updates on my three heroes

This entry is long...and there is no photos. I'm doing it for my own personal record. But you can still read if you want to:)

On Hubby
Hubby has officially joined the 30s club on 15th September 2007!


So we are now both in our 30s..hehehe...He actually made a vow long time ago to control his diet as he reached 30. So, on 15th September he also officially started his diet regime. Takde lagi tambah nasi dua tiga pinggan macam dulu. He also reduced his asam pedas intake. I know it is not an easy step to do as you are used to eat whatever and whenever you want, but he is determined to do it. So I just support, motivate and remind him every now and then.

Hmmm..he's not exactly the fat and big type, but he is also no longer the "Matpet" (term used to described mat-mat dadah, which is also Hubby's nickname in school) I used to know. Anyway, no matter what size he's in, I still love him the same. Oh, don't get the wrong idea that I persuaded him to do so. No! It's his own choice...

As for the birthday celebration, nothing much. Just a wish from all of us. I haven't bought him his birthday gift as yet. I just gave him a card, bought all the way from OZ. Tengoklah keadaan macamana. Probably we will celebrate on the 1st day of Raya ke, coz that's his birthday as well (according to kalendar Islam).

On Ashraff

Nowadays, Ashraff asked lots of questions. Almost every single thing he saw. The questions are becoming tougher these days. It is no longer "apa?" but more to "kenapa?". So, yeah, tough especially if you yourself does not the answer.

He also quite a chatterbox. He is so good in talking that I almost thought that he's not just a mere 3 yo. He talks like he's 5yo boy or something. I would say that I love to layan dia bercakap. It's so fulfilling. And I'm amazed by all his vocabs, be it English or Malay. His English vocab also increased drastically. Like the other day I asked him whether he likes lasagne (coz we were both watching Garfield who loves eating lasagne. And he answered "I don't like lasagne. I like fish." Terbuntang mata I when he could reply in such good sentence structure. I was just expecting "No" for an answer.

Ashraff is into numbers these days. He'll tell you the number everytime he saw one. He'll count and count almost anything. He tried to "do the numbers" with his finger and I have to show him with my finger so he could follow. He still have problem doing no 3.

He is also learning the different languages. Like when he saw a Malay movie or TV show, he'll ask "dia cakap apa ni?". And I'll answer "dia cakap Melayu." Or when he saw an English movie, he'll ask "dia cakap apa ni?". And I'll tell "English". He'll then replied "oh, sama macam Garfield, Barney and Power Rangers kan?"...hehehe...Now he can differentiate English, Melayu, Cina, India, Indonesia and Japanese (coz Ultraman's songs are all in Japanese..dia hafal okay lagu2 Jepun tu..).

He is also partially toilet-trained. He still put on his diapers, but he'll tell you whenever he wants to go to toilet. My thanks goes out to my aunty (tempat yang I menumpang while my mak, abah & hubby were away). She's the one who managed to train him to do his business in the toilet. What she did was she urut Ashraff's lower abdomen sebab kata dia Ashraff ni kuat melompat so ada possibility tempat kencing dia jatuh. After the urut session, terus Ashraff boleh do his biz in toilet. This aunty of mine has years of experience taking care of children (including me) and she's good in it. Even Ashraff has gained lots of weight within the span of one week staying with her.

But Ashraff still put his diaper on coz at one time, we tried to take it off, tengok2 bocor merata. So for the time being, we let him wear diapers first. Give it a few more days, then we'll try to take off the diaper. After all, business "number 2" still in the diaper.

What else? Oh now, Ayah is teaching him "Alif, Ba, Ta" and we intend to buy a CD for that. And also I want to start introducing him to alphabet.

On Aliff

Oh, what can I say about my Japanese-looking boy? He has gone through quite a milestone. Aliff could now stand on both feet, unsupported. At first he was just doing it unconsciously like he was holding a toy in one hand, while the other hand hold on to something. But suddenly without realising, dia lepas tangan yang tengah pegang something tu, and used both hands to play with the toys. Meaning which, he was standing unsupported, without him realising it.

After a while, he got used to the idea and now he could stand unsupported every now and then, and usually it lasted for few seconds (now becoming longer). Now, bibik told me two days ago that Aliff has started to take few steps forward. I guess he wanted so much to walk because he seems impressed with his Abang's ability to run and jump. I can see it in his eyes that he really wants to join in the fun. And he always reached out his hands to people / object infront of him everytime he was standing unsupported. I really hope he could walk before his first birthday, just like Ashraff. Ashraff stands unsupported when he was 11 months old, and within the span of 4 days, he could walk. And within one week, he could run steadily. I've never gone through "jalan-jalan jatuh" stage with Ashraff. This is because Ashraff is the type that is determined. He'll try and try to practice the new skill he got almost every hour. Kitaorang yang tengok pun jadi penat tengok dia trying...

Unlike Ashraff, Aliff is a more relax and cool type. He's the type that "alah...kalau tak dapat jalan, merangkak je lah..."

Aliff sekarang ni pun dah pandai melawan. If the brother took his toys, he'll crawl back very fast to his brother, and tried to snatch that thing away. And if he could not get it, dia akan pukul muka abang dia. Ashraff was crying yesterday sebab adik pukul muka dia. And if Aliff still could not get it, he'll shout really loudly (not crying, just a shout) tanda marah.

This small boy is also very active, which is quite the same as Ashraff. Cuma Ashraff ni ada sifat penggeli. So kalau bawah meja tu ada habuk, he won't go in there. And kalau tempat tu ada air sikit-sikit, he won't step on it. Yang kecik ni, semua main redah - belakang curtain, bawah meja, bawah kerusi, dalam dapur...

One thing I noticed about Aliff is he's the quiet type. So, he'll do everything in silent. Like tahu-tahu je, benda tu dah pecah..atau buku tu dah koyak..atau tiba-tiba je dia dah bawah kerusi. As opposed to him, Ashraff is loud. He'll do things with his hands..and mouth. So you can detect where he went to or what is he doing. In Aliff's case, monitoring him is a bit harder. But since he's not the mengelupur type like Ashraff, he seldom falls down. Thus, I'm not scared that much. So far, with him, belum lagi ada incident jatuh katil...

Aliff is also an analytical person. Like when he enters a new place (a room, for e.g.), he'll take sometime to analyse the new surrounding. He'll study the faces that he saw, and if that face is familiar to him, he'll smile. But if that's the first time he saw you, big possibility he'll cry. Unless you have that warm look that makes his heart mealt...then he'll smile back at you.

Oh, the two boys have contrast personalities..and contrast look. One look like Japanese/Korean with his straight, black hair...and another one..hmmm...more of a Malay with a wavy, brownish hair. But both are of the same gender..and both comes out from Ibu's tummy. But they do not like adik-beradik at all! Not that I mind though...it's just something to note.

In terms of personality, the elder brother, I'd categorise as the Extremist as he could move from a cheeky, lively boy to the most rebellious, monstrous lad in split second. As for Aliff, I'd say he's just stays at the Median point. He's not as cheeky as his brother...and he's also not that loud. This is just my judgement at this point of time. Maybe they'll change as they get bigger.

Phewhhh...I told you it'll be long. That's it. Two entries in two days time. Enough to menghilangkan perasaan gatal tangan nak blog. Now back to work...Have a nice day everybody!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Updates about Moi.


When was the last time I update this blog? Last two weeks? And when was the last time I hop to your blog? Before going for our holiday?

Life has been very hectic here. Most clients are pushing for money before this coming Raya, so we were, of course, overloaded with disbursement proposals. But, I miss blogging..and I miss blog hopping, where I got all the juicy stories from my blogger's friends. And I don't stay back these days. 4.30 sharp dah cabut! And I don't do the write-up at home any more coz I'm busy doing something else with my notebook. Hmmm...I guess that explains a lot why I didn't blog these days.

But today, I'm determine to update the blog...curi office hour sikit-sikit...hehehe...Let see, I intend to write an update about the four of us - me, hubby and the boys.

On Moi
Like I say, I'm one of a hell busy employee, mommy and the same time a very amateur businesswoman, trying to get a small piece of the market share.

Despite that, I''m feeling refreshed (after my depressing last entry) due to the fact that all my loved ones are back in the house - hubby, mak and abah.

Fasting, so far, has been great except for this one fact...Milk supply really decreases! Pretty alarming. If let say one day I could get like 3 5oz bottles full of milk (or more), now I can only get 3-quarter of it, or in much worse days, I could only get half. But alhamdulillah, Aliff still get full breastmilk because I've managed to have some buffer stocks in the fridge after having abundant milk supply, right after the OZ trip. Then again, I don't know how long this will last. Not that I mind though. Taknak exert my energy so much pondering on this matter coz I have lots of other more important things in my mind now. Kalau tak cukup, I can just supplement him with formula. Done it before, so no harm in doing it again. Cuma Aliff hates the taste. So worse comes to worse, we mix breastmilk and formula together, and that works like wonder before.

Business, alhamdulillah, is picking up. I thought demand will fall this Ramadhan coz people are concentrating on Raya preparation rather than buying gifts. But tidak juga. I still got orders for gifts..and mostly for events after Raya.

At the same time, I have to allocate some time or the party planning, especially the designing part. Design of party invites, party favours etc. I feel like taking a one-month unpaid leave je so I could concentrate on biz and party planning. If only money is not an issue...

Lately also I've been thinking of becoming a lactation consultant. Hehehe..baru berjaya fully breastfeed, terus nak jadi consultant...hehehe...But yeah. This company does not have this kind of "fully breastfeeding" culture. Rata-rata semua campur bila dah start kerja. It seems like I'm the only one pumping in this one damn big building. But I've managed to start the culture here. Pregnant ladies in the office came and ask me if they saw me pumping in the surau. And a friend of mine managed to exlusively breastfeed just by talking to me. Few other friends and family members sms/call me when they are in confinement, just to ask about breastfeeding. Other male collegues sampai suruh isteri dia call me just to ask about breastfeeding. I'm not shy now to disclose to even my male collegues that I do pumping in the office (unlike before). My MIL, who is a lactation consultant herself, used me as an example when she gives one of her talks. It is a huge satisfaction for me when I manage to help others to successfully breastfeed. So this is where the idea to become a lactation consultant arises. Yet, it's just a thought. Belum ada planning apa-apa lagi. Still struggling to find some free time here...hehehe...

Guess that's about it. Lama jugak I curi masa office ni. Better start doing some work now. Will update about Hubby and the boys later in the next entry...

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's flat and boring...

I married a guy whose work requires him to travel frequently. Usually it's overnight trips...can vary from one week to two weeks to even 1 month.

Sebelum ada anak, I don't quite mind that much. In fact, I love the arrangement, coz not having him around for few days is like an escapism for me from being a wife. I live with my parents. So when he's not around, I'm back to being single again. Kekadang I got to chit-chat with mak until late night...that kinda thing.

And then like the saying says, seperation makes our heart grow fonder. So, yes it is. Despite having to live as a bachelor, I still look forward to seeing him again at the end of the week or month. Plus at that time, I also had a fair share of outstation trips coz my work at that time requires me to do lots of site visiting at various states.

When I had Ashraff, I got a bit frustrated over him having to leave me and Ashraff for his usual outstation trips. I somesort of envy him. I felt like he got to be 'free' from his role as a father. He doesn't have to wake up to make Ashraff's milk at night. And he got to sleep whenever he wants too...

In fact, I still have that feeling inside me everytime he went outstation.

But I still live with my parents. And they are there in case I need help in taking care of Ashraff. Abah drove me around whenever Hubby was not around. He was the one who went to grocery store to buy Ashraff's milk or diapers when we were running out of it. He drove me to paeditrician should Ashraff fall sick.

So, I don't mind that much.

When I got Aliff, I still doesn't mind coz mak and abah are around to help me. To make my life more livelier whenever he's not around. And I got a helper to help me.

But now...

Hubby is off again to his outstation trip. Nothing unusual...

Except this time, mak and abah are also not around. They were on their umrah trip.

So the big house is left empty, with only me, bibik and the two boys. This is my first time being left in this kind of situation.

And I got trouble going to work. You see, when I got married, almost 100% of the driving part is done by hubby. So, when he's not around...and abah too, I lost my reliable driver...hehehe...
Since I don't drive that much since I'm married, I'm afraid to drive especially in the middle of congested morning traffic.

So, I have to resort using the public transport. But, there's no convenient public transport in BA. Thus, me and my troop have to move to my aunt's house, which is near to Wangsa Maju's LRT station. Other factor is I don't quite trust my Bibik to handle the boys alone, so at least by staying at my aunt's she could monitor them both.

So, here are we are..menumpang di rumah orang...

During weekends I have to go back to BA to have a look at my parents' house. See if everything is under control.

Well, it's one week now. I had to run the normal errands that usually is done by Hubby or Abah (if hubs is not around). Like the last few nights, we were running out of wet tissue..and filtered water (usually kitaorang beli kat water filter machine near the house). It was raining cats and dogs and me with two big bottles full of water, was struggling to get in the car. Basah kuyup. Then later I went to G1ant to shop for some neccessities. Uish...quite a challenging task for me especially in the middle of heavy rain, and it's pretty hard to get a parking lot.

And I was so tired when I reached home...and wanted to doze off immediately. But the boys decided the opposite. They were having loads of fun..with Ashraff running around the house..and Aliff ransacking the toy box. Masa tu perasaan jealous kat Hubby meluap-luap lah..."he must be having a good sleep at this hour now", "uish, tak fairnya...". That kind of inner talk popping in my mind. Iblislah tu...takde lain...Actually, I always have this feeling whenever hubby is outstation and the boys buat perangai atau fell sick. I rasa macam tak fair...Tak fairnye I have to handle this alone...I want to be 'set free' as well...let me go outstation pulak...
Hmmm...that kinda thoughts.

But when I think about it, I don't want to leave the kids alone. I want to bring them anywhere I go. I don't want to trouble other people to take care of them whenever I'm not around...I felt guilty should I leave them to sleep with my mom or my maid. It's pretty ironic. A part of me wants an equal share of freedom as hubby...but another part of me, wants to be attached to my kids. I'm like torn in between. Or maybe I'm the woman that don't know what she actually wants in life...hahaha...

Anyway, the last one week has teached me what it's like should mak and abah are not around anymore in this world...and hubby is off to his outstation trip at the same time. Or what is it like to live as a single mom. It teaches me to be independent. Yup, my life is flat and boring without Hubby around...or mak and abah to talk too. But at least I got the boys to cheer me up.

Well anyway, Hubby is supposed to come back this Wednesday...but he postpone it till the end of this week due to heavy workload. Meaning which, I have to menyambut bulan Ramadhan alone, without hubby, mak and abah. Oh my God...I'm sad...

To my blogger friends and readers, Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak....

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sydney - Day One.


I'm back at the office after a one week holiday break. What a bliss!

The next 5 entries will be about our first "over-the-sea" holiday as a family (Note : We have posted the Day 4 and Day 5 entries. Sorry for the late update. Been very busy with office work. We are short-handed here).

As much as we are worried of the 8-hour flight journey for the last 8 months, the journey turns out to be okay, except for a few hiccups. We departed at 10.10 pm from KLIA. It was a night flight so Aliff slept throughout the journey, and woke up quite a few times for night feeding. I think he must be a bit uncomfortable sleeping in the bassinet.

Ashraff, on the other hand, could not get a shut-eye because he was uncomfortable. He wanted his bed pretty bad. The thing is if you are seated at the front row, where there is the only place you can enjoy bassinet facility, the handle (or divider) between the seat could not be uplifted. So Ashraff could not lie down and had to settle for sleeping sitting upright. We had to resort using the cough syrup to make him doze off. So at about 12.30 am Malaysian time, he finally dozed off to lalaland. And was awaken by the breakfast calling 4 hours later. Only 4 hours of sleep?! As expected, Ashraff was very cranky due to lack of sleep. Aliff too, despite sleeping throughout the journey. Maybe he was not use to wake up at around 6.00 am Malaysian time (8.00 am Aussie time).

Thus, with two boys whinning, crying and shouting throughout the check-out and security procedures, few catastrophic events occured.

One, we left our beloved Canon camera in the taxi that took us to the apartment.

Two, we left our Avent Thermabag with two bottles in it at the airport trolley.

Three, our stroller's front handle (where you normally attach a toy to it) patah.

Bengang, sedih, rasa nak balik, semuanya ada. It's pretty hard to handle all the things (eventhough we packed lightly) when your main focus is only on the kids. I had to take care of Aliff who needs to be carried all the time (because he is tired)..and Hubby needs to focus on Ashraff and at the same time take care of the things...Ya Allah, memang challenging!

Anyway, we managed to fix things (of course with additional expenses). We bought a new smaller and handy camera, we carried the thermo flask and milk powder everywhere we go and we fix the stroller with a cellophone tape. One thing good is we lost our camera in the beginning so tak banyak photos yang hilang...What if we lost the camera in the middle of the jouney. I would have gone besserk!!

Now back to our "nicer" holiday story. We checked-in at a one bedroom apartment at Pacific International Suite at approximately 10.30 am (OZ time). It was a perfect accommodation with fully equipped kitchen (which kitaorang tak guna sebab nak kena samak semuanya), a microwave, washing machine and a dryer, a flat screen TV and a sofa bed. Thanks for the review I got from this travel forum.

This is the message that appears on the TV Screen as we switch it on for the 1st time. I'm impressed!!

We had our rest. The kids slept for like 3 hours straight, while me and hubby feed our famished tummy and I did the laundry after that.

The apartment was right in the heart of the city, so we did our first tour by foot at around 3 pm, when the both kids are well rested.

The weather was sunny with a temperature of about 23 degree celcius. Our first place to visit is Queen Victoria Building which is just two streets away from our apartment. It's actually a beautiful shopping complex, in contrast with modern buildings. I love the exterior as well as the interior design. Macam building lama-lama gitu. Even the elevator pun stail lama...nice...

Tidur lagi...He must be very tired...

The life size replica of Queen Victoria during her coronation.

Then from QVB, we walked to the main shopping street, which is the Pitt St. Tak singgah mana-mana coz by that time, the shops were mostly closing (they closed at 5pm). We just dropped by at Coles to shop for some food for tomorrow's breakfast...and of couse, not to be forgotten the fresh milk. If you are a milk lover, you have to try OZ's milk. Mmg fresh!

At night, we walked to the Darling Harbour which is just a short walking distance from our apartment.

The harbourside is superb with lots of yacht, sailboats and ferries. Too bad our new camera could not capture a good night vision of the harbour. We even witnessed the lunar eclipse that night. Lots of professional photographers were there to take the excellent view of the eclipse from the harbourside.

We went to bed at around 11 pm that night. Ingat nak lagi cepat, but the kids refused to sleep. Probably due to a minor time difference...

Sydney - Day Two

Weather : Sunny (but can be a bit windy at times)
Temperature : 24 degrees.

Hubby shot off to the car rental service at about 7 am to take the car that we have booked yesterday. It turned out to be a brand new Toyota Camry. Superb!

Today, our mission is to visit Featherdale Wildlife Park and the famous Blue Mountain.

We arrived at Featherdale at around 11 am selepas sesat barat. We took the wrong turn, entered the wrong highway and had trouble getting back to the right route. Nasib baik both kids are fast asleep so Ibu and Ayah got to look for the way in peace.

At 11 am, most of the shows or feeding times have passed. But that doesn't stop us from having fun. The boys had a close encounters with the Australian native animals. Ashraff got to feed and pat the kangaroo...and both boys got to pat the koala. Aliff siap tarik lagi bulu koala tu...

Then we continued our journey to Echo Point, Blue Mountain where we viewed the famous rocks called the Three Sisters. Why these rocks are called Three Sisters? Panjang ceritanya...Can google if you want to find out more..hehehe...

Do you see the three big rocks behind? Those are called "The Three Sisters".

Then we took the skyway to view the scenic Blue Mountain Range, with the lovely Katoomba Falls.

Shoes need to be cleaned before entering the Skyway.

On the way back we stopped at Auburn St for our dinner. It turned our the sepanjang-panjang street tu ada halal foods. Best betul! This is one thing good about Australia. You can get a great deal of halal foods here (of course not as many as in the UK).

Ashraff by that time has developed a runny nose with quite a severe cough. His lips are dry and started to crack and bleed. He refused to wear lip balm. Lekit kata dia. He hates the sweater/jacket as well. Everytime nak pakaikan, mesti nak nangis. I guess handling him throughout the holiday is so challenging. Memang testing our patience betul!

Oh, and that lil lad also kept on asking for his Iced Milo everytime we dined-in. OZ does not serve Milo. Kesian sangat tengok dia. Dia macam homesick coz he kept on saying nak balik rumah Tokmak. But of course, everytime we stopped at any place of interest, he's the most jovial boy around town. Tak ingat apa dah...

Sydney - Day Three

Weather and temperature still the same as yesterday.

Today is for shopping spree! We took the car to Direct Factory Outlet at Homebush. We spent like three hours there, shopping for goods. We bought shoes, pants and socks for Aliff. And a Converse's Tshirt for myself, hubby and Ashraff. I also bought myself some cheap craft books (ntah bila nak try buat tak tahulah). We thought of spending more time there, browsing through...but with two small kids in tow, I don't think that'll be a good idea. Ashraff was tired by then and whinning to go back. So, we don't quite do a lot of shopping there.

Mingling with the locals

From there we proceeded to Paddy's Market near the Chinatown. We shopped for souvenirs there. But like I said, we could not browse through or bargain for a lower price, coz Ashraff demanded for toys there. And when he got his toys, he wanted to go back. Ishk...mamat sorang tu. Dah balik Malaysia ni, we realised we bought very little souvenirs that some of our closest relatives pun tak dapat apa. We should have buy extra tshirts, key chains or even a bookmark. Frust babe!

On the way back, we stopped by at halal Nando's. Nothing compares to Malaysian Nando's. I like it better here.

Malam tak pergi ke mana. Just lepaking at the apartment and watched TV...

...while some just decided to settle inside the bag for a rest...

Sydney - Day Four

Weather still the same, but a bit windy than before.

It's 31st August..Malaysia's 50th Independence Day. We were feeling a bit patriotic that day, thus I greeted hubby with a "Happy National Day". He replied "Nope, not National..but Independence day..." Oh, whatever...We felt bad as we had to miss the ceremonial parade. Kalau dulu bolehlah suruh abah record using the VCR...Is there a repeat or something?

Anyway, Hubby returned the rented car very early in the morning, while I get the kids ready.

Today we decided to take a city tour. So, we walked to QVB building to buy Sydney's hop-on-hop-off bus ticket. The bus took a full 45 mins for one round of the city. But we decided to hop-off at Circular Quay for a ferry ride.

While waiting for the Sydney Explorer (Hop-On-Hop-Off) bus.

In the bus...

At Circular Quay...

Infront of the Custom House at Circular Quay

We took a return cruise at the quay to go to Watson Bay as this allows us to get a good view of the famous Sydney's Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Ashraff was thrilled and mesmerized with the bubbling water throughout the journey. I was awestrucked by the huge Opera House, and the lovely harbourside. Oh, I really don't know how to describe it but Sydney's got one of the best harbour view, way better than Melbourne. I wish I could have a house somewhere along the harbourside. Talking about dreaming the impossible dream..hehe..

Back at the Circular Quay, we walked to the Opera House. Ashraff was fast asleep, while Aliff was wide awake by then (he slept throughout the bus and ferry trip). We bought a seafood pack and had our lunch at the Opera House.

Then, we strolled along the paveway to the Royal Botanic Garden. Here, Aliff was set free so he could crawl as much as he wants.

Where were Ashraff after the ferry trip?

Sleeping, of course!

Sleeping infront of Opera House
Sleeping at the Royal Botanic Garden

After a stroll in the park, we hopped-on to the bus, and proceeded to Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour. Ashraff enjoyed looking at all the big fishes. I was impressed too. The info given was elaborated but we didn't get the chance to read it, so we took photos of the info board and shall read it later. Hah! Now we know what's the different between crocodile and alligator...hehe..

After the visit, we walked back to our apartment to prepare for dinner with one of our college friends, who is currently a PR in Australia. That friend of ours took us to Kafe Kasturi, a Malay restaurant somewhere near the Paddy's Market. We had a wholesome Malay cuisine. Makan macam nak rak...Perut Melayu jugak we all ni..hehehe. And Ashraff for the first time actually ate. Kalau tak, he refused to eat at all and only depends on milk. Maybe partly contributed by the flu.

Azmi and family...His wife is a PR and she has been living in OZ since she was 14. Their daughter was born two weeks after Aliff's.

Then my friend took us to the supermarket where they sell Milo powder. Balik tu, terus I buat Milo for Ashraff. And dia minum dengan lahapnya..hehe...We also bought diaper for Ashraff. We've ran out of diapers coz Ashraff needed a change everytime he pees. I think he is more than ready to be toilet trained.

All of us slept like 12 am, after we did our packing...can't wait to get back to Malaysia...