Monday, July 31, 2006

Lamanya tak update B.L.O.G!!

Memang lama i tak update blog. Hampir 3 bulan lamanya. Life has been pretty overwhelming around here. With no internet access at home, the only opportunity I got for me to update blog is at the office, after office hour (tapi kadang2 tu curi tulang, update masa office hour..hehehe) Since lately ni kerja semakin banyak and I have to stayback most of the days, nafsu nak update blog pun tertutup secara otomatik.

Tapi hari ni, terasa rindu sangat2 kat blog and try to steal my precious office time to update on what's happening in my life for the past three months. Takdelah happening sangat, but what the heck. So, here goes:-

On Me, Myself and I
1. I've turned 29 y.o on 28 June 2006. Hubby wanted to celebrate somewhere special, but this poor woman is too fatigue that night so we ended up ordering pizza instead. Call me a loser but seriously am not in the mood to celebrate. I got an Issey Miyake's perfume from Hubby and a birthday kiss from Ashraff.
2. My company's annual dinner is coming on this 5th August 2006. I still have no idea what to wear. I'd probably resort to wearing the long dress I bought from my cousin's wedding in June. I haven't try it on lately and see whether it still can accomodate to my blooming tummy. The dress is still at the dobi...
3. Ada satu hari ni, hati ni merancang-rancang theme colour apa nak pakai Raya tahun ni. Tetengah dok imagine, tiba2 it strike my mind that I might be in confinement this Raya (my due date is one week after Raya) OR I might still be heavily pregnant at that time. So baju apa nak tempah Raya tahun ni?? Baju Pregnant ke Baju Kurung??

On Pregnancy
1. My tummy is growing bigger. I'm 6 months preggie now and am wearing maternity clothing everywhere I go. How time flies!
2. Though perut makin memboyot, I notice that it's smaller compared to preggie with Ashraff. Just as long as Doc says the baby is growing normally, I'm fine with that. Lagipun my goal is not to deliver a baby as big as Ashraff or even bigger (Ashraff was born at 3.74 kg!)
3. I also got to know the gender of the my second child. Nampak gayanya I have to stick with blue colour jugak...hehehe...I don't mind actually coz I really want Ashraff to have a friend whom he can play football with whenever his Ayah is outstation. Frankly speaking, rasa penat yang amat melayan dia tendang bola, carry him so he can fly like a Superman (ni penangan Superman Returns lah ni) and jump like a frog everywhere in the house (cam rasa nak terberanak!). Actually Ayah dia yang ajar semua ni, so when he's not around, Ibu jadi mangsa!

On Family
1. So far, Hubby dah outstation dua kali with his new attachment in UMW. First one in Singapore for three weeks. And lately Sabah for two weeks. Guess I'm pretty much get used to marrying an internal auditor who travels frequently to do his audit work. I wanted to accompany Hubby to Singapore since it's during the Great Singapore Sale but Ashraff takde passport lagi, so postpone punya postpone, last2 tak jadi pergi. Talk about bad planning! On Sabah trip, that one I'll elaborate further later...
2. Ashraff is one week to 2 years old. We initially planned to have his birthday party on 5th August 2006, betul2 on his birthday. But then it clashes with my annual dinner. Other weekends in August is jam-packed with activities - weddingslah, family daylah. So, tak taulah nak buat bila. Or mungkin we postpone to his 3rd birthday.
3. Talking about Ashraff, my little lad ni baru recover from a prolongue fever. Hampir seminggu lamanya. The forth day of his fever, me with the help from my Mak Abah (hubby was in Sabah at that time), bought Ashraff to Ampang Puteri. At that time I noticed that Ashraff ada bintik-bintik merah kat muka and dada. As expected, blood test is done and the result of the test showed Ashraff's white cell count reduced drastically, meaning which he has no antibody to fight the disease. Paeditrician kata ada bakteria dalam sum-sum tulang Ashraff yang menghalang pembinaan sel darah putih dalam darah Ashraff. And that bacteria also has caused the red spots to emerge. In order to kill the bacteria, Ashraff has to come daily to the hospital to get an antibiotic jab. Before the daily dose of the antibiotic, blood test has to be done first and if the white cells count still low, then only paed continues with the injection. On the positive side, he was not admitted to the hospital as he still take his milk (tapi sikit sangat). But the rest, hanya Allah je yang tahu betapa susahnya hati ini bila memikirkan yang my baby nak kena suntik jarum banyak-banyak kali tak tahu sehingga bila. Furthermore, Hubby is not around to give moral support and a helping hand. Tapi Alhamdulillah, with one jab of strong antibiotic, Ashraff recovered tremendously. The next day je, white blood cell dia dah back to normal and he's back to his normal active self. Rasa hilang segala penat due to lack to sleep bila tengok Ashraff kembali ceria...

On Life as a whole

I am maidless now. I've sent my maid home for good on 27 July 2006, after twice extension given by the Immigration with the reason that we want to give her medication before we bid farewell to her. We sent her right until Bandung. When I say "WE", it comprised of Me, Ashraff, Mak and Abah. Hubby can't follow us as he has to work in Sabah.

Remember that I want to elaborate further on my plan to accompany Hubby to Sabah? Initially, memamg I plan nak bawak Ashraff pergi Sabah so I can meet Hubby there. We plan to spend around 3 days kat situ since I pun belum pernah pergi Sabah. Alang-alang accomodation dah free, why not I grab the opportunity. At the same time, Mak and Abah told me their plan to ikut hantar Bibik to Bandung, which occurs at about the same time as my plan to Sabah. Alamak! Tetiba hati ni terasa pulak nak ke Bandung. Am indecisive now. Sabah atau Bandung?

Check harga tiket lebih kurang sama but going to Bandung, I have to fork-up extra money for accomodation and Ashraff's passport. Check savings, lepaslah kalau nak ke Bandung. So mana nak pergi ni?

Fikir punya fikir, at last I decided to go to Bandung. The reason is Ashraff. If I chose to go to Sabah, I have to travel alone in the plane with Ashraff. I am expecting the worst where Ashraff would not stay still in his seat, followed by a great tantrum especially during landing and take-off. Can I manage that kind of situation alone with my big tummy? Furthermore, Hubby is working most of the times there, so I would have to travel alone with Ashraff in KK, Sabah. Toddler can be unexpected at times and I have no experience bawak Ashraff jalan sorang-sorang, so rasa takut jugak kalau dia buat hal. Due to these reasons, I chose to go to Bandung. At least kalau apa2 jadi kat dalam flight or in Bandung itself, Mak and Abah will be there to give a helping hand. Hubby is a bit frustrated with my decision, but he completely understands why I chose not to go to KK. Hubby pun frust sebab dia tak dapat experience naik flight dengan Ashraff. Dia pesan banyak-banyak kali suruh capture the moment with our video and digicam. So to Bandung we went! Intend to elaborate more on the trip in my next posting...

Balik dari Bandung, I am left with no maid. So I have to resume my role as a bionic woman. Cuci baju, cuci botol Ashraff, make sure air panas sentiasa ada for Ashraff's milk, change Ashraff's nappy everytime he poo, gosok baju untuk pergi ofis, lipat baju. Aktiviti yang dah setahun lebih I tak buat. Thank God Hubby is a great help! At the end of the day, rasa sakit satu badan especially the pinggang part. Yelah, dah lama tak kerja keras...hehehe...

But I really enjoy the privacy we have as a family tanpa "orang ketiga". Rasa puas hati bila you dapat buat semua tu untuk family. Rasa seronok dapat bekerjasama dengan Hubby untuk menguruskan rumahtangga. Rasa gembira when Ashraff looked up to you for almost everything like makan, susu time, tidur time etc. Suddenly I feel like I gain back the love of my child yang half of it dah pergi ke Bibik dia masa she's around. Dan Alhamdulillah setakat ni Ashraff takde pun mencari-cari Bibik dia like he used too. Everytime I asked him where's Bibik. He'll reply "Bibik Bandung", maknanya Bibik dekat Bandung lah tu...

But this bionic woman's role and moment of freedom have to stop once we got our new maid which is in the process now. For the time being, Ashraff is taken care of by his Tok Mak and Tok Abah. Oh Mak Abah...what will I do without you both. So now, the whole family has to move back to Elias' residency. We plan to move back to Cheras once we are comfortable with the new maid. I'll let mak and abah to monitor and train her just like what they did with our previous maid. Cuma mungkin kali ni training lebih intensive sikit sebab new maid ni takde experience kerja unlike our old maid. I just hope that this new maid is as good or even better than Bibik Aidah.

I guess the above summarises the important events in my life for the last three months. Dah lama tak update, sekali update, panjang lebar lah pulak...:) So to all my fellow friends who happened to drop by my blog, hope you do not get tired reading my entry this time...