Monday, December 28, 2009

What's with Ashraff?

2009..a challenging year for Ashraff indeed..

Twice he was hospitalised. One, in June..due to dengue fever. He was hospitalised for seven miserable nights for both Ashraff and us.

And on 15 December 2009 (Tuesday), sharp at 12.00 am midnight, Ashraff had to undergo an operation to take out his appendix, that by then has ruptured. Alhamdulillah, we (Hubby to be exact) took him to the specialist immediately or else he might not be around to see the world anymore..nauzubillah.

It all started on Monday morning where he complained that he has stomach ache. I was on leave that day. But because Ashraff usually has stomach ache, I did not take him seriously, plus I thought he uses that strategy to persuade me not to send him to school (his daycare was opened during school holidays). Boy, was I guilty when I got to know he had an appendix problem!

I took him at about 6 pm that day and the teacher told me that Ashraff is not feeling well and kept on complaining about his tummy. By then, I was worried. Well well, nak dijadikan cerita, Aliff and Aqieff pun demam on the same day. So as Hubby reached home at about 6.30 pm, I immediately told him about Ashraff problem..and he rushed Ashraff to the clinic, get a referral letter and sent him to Ampang Puteri. At 12 am sharp, Ashraff was brought to the operation theatre to had his appendix removed. I was not there to witness the event as I was at home to take care of the other two sick boys. But Hubby told me all about it. How he as a man, felt like crying holding Ashraff hand and giving him motivational words.

But Ashraff was a strong boy. That morning he has started to walk to the toilet. He said he can do it and he will walk slowly. And by the next day, he can walk around the paeditric ward. He was hospitalised for about 3 nights. And one week after that he can jump and run like before.

Well, I still fell guilty over what had happened.not only of my silly negligence..but about what I fed my 5 year old until he suffered from the pain. Maybe Ashraff loves to eat spicy foods. Sambal and asam pedas are his favourite dishes. But because he is such a picky eater, so whatever he wants to eat, we just gave him. Now, we had to control what he and Aliff are taking (and soon Aqieff). It might be one of the reasons, only God knows...