Monday, March 15, 2010

About Art...

The boys love to scribble (I mean, all kids love to do that). But they really enjoy it. That seems to be part of their favourite pastime. Drawing and colouring (and for Ashraff, reading). This is the longest time that they can stay put at one spot. Even watching their favourite TV shows could not beat that.

Of course, to avoid squabbling, they have their own sets of stationery - color pencils, pencils, rulers, erasers...and the drawing materials (be it paper or colouring book). Of course, for us, not hearing and looking at them quarreling, it's what I'd call as "Kodak moment", so I enjoy every minute of it as well.

Ashraff has improved a lot in drawing and colouring. He can draw robots, his favourite TV characters like Spongebob and animals (his duck looks way better than mine). I guess he inherited this skill from both my parents (gee..why don't I). Due to this reason, we believed that it's best for us to help him enhance his skills, thus we send him to art class every Saturday.
His first class was last week where he spent 2 hours coloring. We send him to a franchised art class, GlobalArt. He loves it and look forward to his next class. I'm glad and hope that motivation remains.

He can also read on his own now, both English and Malay fluently...cuma masih need improvement on the punctuations - when to pause, when to stop, when to ask, when to shout. Dia main langgar je..

Aliff, of course, a few steps behind his brother. But from the progress, I know he can improve in that area as well. One thing for sure, he can color within the object's lines. Every time his brother is doing his homework, Aliff will grab one of his coloring book and color all the way. So takdelah nak kacau Abang dia yang sekarang sangat disiplin buat homework.

We intend on sending him to Ashraff's school this June. Since he's a year-end baby, so he is a bit young for his age. I have the attention of sending him next year, but after second thought, it will be best sending him this June so he has about 6 months to familiarise with the new environment with the help of his brother.

Guess there's some updates on the boys...after so long...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My formal education in photoshop

Wow! It's been a very long time since I've last updated my blog. There's too many things to do...update CMOG's blog, facebook, fulfilling order for CMOG...apart from the normal chores.

Well anyway, here I am taking a break from a short training in using adobe photoshop. Finally, after years of exploring photoshop through trial and error and learning the basics from the internet, I've managed to find a class that's suitable for me...A full 2-days course of Basic Photoshop. Thanks to my hubby who told me about this class and persuaded me to attend it.

I hope that this is fulfilling and I may use it to practice, especially in improving the designs I've made for CMOG.

For those who are interested, I've attended a class organized by Do check it out!