Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Dear Blog,

I think I shall be neglecting you for a while...or for an indefinite time. Life has been pretty busy in this new department I'm in. Workload is tremendously heavy due to the following reasons:-

1. I'm still in the process to learn and get to know the clients I shall be handling - the background, the problem, the modus operandi and the status of the accounts. Thus, it takes time for me to process any of their requests. So, as you can see, the backlog is pilling up, and I really don't have a clue how I'm gonna finish it.

2. We are having data migration now. We are gonna chuck out the old system and implement a new one. Thus, we have to do the data migration even during the weekends. My family time is basically ripped off!

3. This new department I'm in, the support staff i.e. the clerical sucks big time. Attitude problem. One is slower than a snail. Another, kaki mengular and always missing in action. And another one, extremely rude. I don't know why the bad ones are placed under the same roof. Must be a karma or something. Thus, I have to do the simple clerical job on top of my already heavy workload. Makcik cam nak pitam, okay?!

Well, let's just put it in one word....OVERWORK! That's the best word to describe the situation I'm in currently. So, I do not have time to do other things including blogging. I'll be working late almost every day...and over the weekends as well. Feel like crying and shouting at the same time. Huwaaaa!!

Then again, every cloud has a silver lining. I hope that things won't last forever. One, I hope I can catch up fast and do my work more efficiently. Two, I hope the HR will look into the possibility of changing the support staffs....Three, worst come to worst, if the situation prevails, I shall ask for a transfer..hahaha..

As at now, I can't promise when I'll blog again. Or bloghopping. I know I shall be missing doing so...especially cathing up with the juicy stories from my fellow bloggers. I'll succumb myself to work..and only work. What a dull life this going to be..huwaaaa!!

Oh, despite that, I can still find time to update my other window...hehe. My fellow blog readers, please check out CMOG's cheaper version of personalized chocolate wrapper and our promotion for school's newspaper!

So long now, do take care..and till we meet again.


Friday, January 04, 2008

It's First Day of School!

Yesterday was Ashraff's first day of school. Was I emotional? Of course I am! Seeing him wearing a unifrom is totally unbelievable. I can't believe I am a mother of a schooling kid. Okay, probably a lil bit exaggerating as he is only in kindergarten, but hey..every mother will feel the same way as I do.

By 7.30 am, he was wide awake. I guess he was excited as well. Had his milk. I had to warn him that he'll not be getting any milk until the school is over, so he better finishes up his milk. Ashraff is a heavy milk drinker, so I'm a tad worry that he could not focus well should he does not get his dose of milk from 8am to 12pm. However, I believe he should be fine. It takes a lil bit of adjustment, initially.

Anyway, the day went out well. Ashraff suits the new environment well, as expected. He didn't even look back at me the moment he has entered the classroom. By the way, Ashraff's class consists of 13 students - 6 boys, 7 girls. A well-mixed class - Chinese, Indian and Malay (and one African kid). By right, I could just leave him since he's doing fine. But the mother in me really wants to have a glimpse of what he's doing in class. So there I was with few other mothers, peeping in the window to see what's going on. Of course, there are few kids who are crying, but Ashraff has been talking to the teacher. Asking the teacher 1001 questions, and him being him, just could not sit still at one spot. At about 9.30, I left the school.

The first two days (yesterday and today) are the orientation days for the kids, just to let them settle in. So the day just ends at 11 am instead of 12 pm. Yesterday, Ashraff was completely fatigue as I fetched him from school. Monyok sekali mamat tu! Balik rumah, tukar baju, drank 8oz of milk and terus tidur. Bangun tidur, dia cakap "Ashraff penatlah.." Erk! I was scared he refuse to go to school the next day. Alhamdulillah, he's still excited to go. He looked a lot more cheerful as the school ends.

Another thing that I noticed is Ashraff tahan from peeing at school. Balik rumah terus membuang. Erk! This is not good. The teacher did ask every now and then who wants to go to toilet, but Ashraff refused to go. Emmm...my plan is to have a chat with the teacher after one month if this thing prolongs.

Anyway, proper classes shall start next week. The school gives me a 8-week planner, so that I could keep track on what Ashraff learns in school. Thus, we parents could ask a more specific question instead of the general like "What do u learn in school?". Next week, they'll learn about boy and girl. Oh, I hope Ashraff knows how to differentiate between the two as he's still very much confused..and it does not help as he has a brother who is of the same gender..har, har, har.

Some pictures of Ashraff on his first day of school...