Sunday, September 19, 2010

Do not leave him alone!

When you leave Aliff alone, a disaster bound to happen any's like a ticking bomb, once exploded will cause a major shock and blow to the family.

And that's what happened two weeks before Raya...29th of August to be exact...His newly Raya haircut has been further HIM!

He was sitting all alone in Bibik's room while Ibu took care of Aqieff who has crave on perfecting his walking skill. Aliff came out occassionally with a comb in his hand and a cheeky smile on his face.

"Rambut raya, Ibu!"

"Ha'ah..cantik.." replied Ibu, not noticing any different with his mane...until it's too late...

Bibik's drawer was full of his self-cut hair..

Apa lagi darah bugis Ibu pun mula mengelegak. Ibu was so berserk and refused to see his face.

Ayah who just came back from Pasar Ramadhan with Ashraff, was also angry to see his new hair.

"Buang duit je potong rambut Aliff tadi. Botakkan je rambut ni!"

By then this lil lad was crying coz everybody in the house could not hide their anger with him...

Aliff, Aliff...seriously our lives are more meaningful and full of colours having you on board...

So here it is, introducing our Budak Tobek Aliff...

We brought him to the barber to repair his hair one week after Raya...Thank God it wasn't that bad during Raya except most people who knew Aliff would ask "kenapa pendek sangat rambut Aliff ni?"