Friday, April 28, 2006

Happy Thoughts, Everybody!

After few emotional and dramatic postings, I decided to change the setting to a happy mode...

HAPPY LABOUR DAY to all labourers/workers out there!

InsyaAllah, we're off to Malacca for Treasure Hunt competition organized by Toyota. It's been almost three years since both me and hubby joined any treasure hunting event so we are definitely looking forward for it. We have to leave Ashraff in the care of his beloved Tok Mak and Tok Abah for half a day. By evening, we should be able to see his adorable face again as my Mak and Abah promise to drop him off at Malacca on their way back to Muar (kampung Abah). I was just hoping to get one night sleep without Ashraff. Hey, not that I'm a selfish mother...but I just want to try test tengok whether I still remember how to sleep soundly with no interruption of "air! air!" (For Ashraff, air = milk) in the middle of the night.

But on second thought, I don't think I would be able to not to see his face for two days. And I don't think I would be able to sleep peacefully either coz I must be missing him badly.

I'm just hoping I'm fit to travel, plus able to think straight and wisely sambil baca map dalam kereta yang bergerak. Phewww..that reminds me I have to bring loads of sick bags, just in case...

I hope I can have a good rest tonigt so I can wake up fresh and healthy tomorrow..Think only happy thoughts!

P.S : If u expect to see some photos of the event, I'm afraid I won't be able to do it coz the lense of our beloved Canon's digital camera is damaged!!! Now u know why it's been such a long time since I posted Ashraff's photo in my blog...Dangg!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No Hope...

I believe that 'Di Sebalik Setiap Kejadian, Pasti Ada Hikmahnya'. Well, I hope I still believe in that.

We HAVE to send back our current maid home. That is final say. Muktamad, and could not be revoked. Though I still hope there is miracle somewhere.

Hubby went to see the doctor that did the X-Ray for the first time, just as per his advise. He instructed hubby to do a second X-Ray, at another Fomema's panel. Apparently, that seems to be the procedure should the first one showed negative/abnormal result. So, my maid did a second X-Ray at a clinic somewhere in Jalan Pudu.

The X-Ray result this time around is more alarming than the first. It shows that the inflammation at her heart, has left white spottings at her lung, which is a sign of Tuberculosis (or better known as Tibi). This disease could be spread by air. Yikes! But since most of us here in Malaysia have taken early immunisation, thus the probability for us to be infected by the disease is rather small (but we still want to do a family check-up to confirm this).

A great task for me is when I have to break the news to my maid. Just as expected, she broke into tears when I told her the news. But she recovered quickly by saying "Semua ini ketentuan Allah. Rejeki pun ditangannya. Mudah-mudahan rezeki saya lebih besar di Indonesia." This time around I broke into tears. I could not help it. I know how hard it is to earn a living back there, and with the disease she have, a single parent and no money for medication, how will that help her to ease her burden.

On the other hand, our family has to fork-up extra money to get a new maid, who might not be as reliable, religious and good as her.

I brought up this matter to mak and abah. Mak decided to do some "amal jariah" by saying she wants to get Bibik some medication before she left Malaysia coz Mak knows she could not afford to pay for the medication without any salary. So hubby and I decided to appeal to Imigration Dept for an extension of stay so we could prepare the necessary rather than having to send her on this 2nd of May.

Alhamdulillah, she got an extension of one month stay with us. That allows Abah to check out the fee and procedure at Pusat Respiratori Kebangsaan. From the info that Abah gathered, the fee is around RM100 ++ (excluding medication). Mak said she'll take care of that. The extension of stay also allows me to apply for Ashraff's passport since me, Abah and Mak plan to follow Bibik to Indonesia (hubby tak boleh ikut sebab tempat kerja baru takde cuti..poor fellow!). Apart from that, we can help Bibik to find some recipe books and baking tools as she planned to bake and sell some Malaysian cookies in Indonesia (something similar to what she did before she decided to come here).

At the same time, we have to start find a new maid. And as usual, our criteria will be:-
1) Age 30-35 years old.
2) At least two children.
3) Wear hijab (preferably dalam rumah pun just like our current maid).
4) Has previous working experience (tak penting sangat but kalau dapat macam ni, tak payahlah we all nak ajar step by step on what to do).
5) A widow (we believe that kalau widow ni, dia desperate to earn a living here to besarkan anak-anak so they will work properly and sincerely).

Basically those were our personal guideline and opinion on finding the right maid. But, this all depends on Rezeki dan Ketentuan Allah. I'm just hoping that I'll find a maid just like Aidah or better than Aidah...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fomema's check-up.

Our maid is due for Fomema's check-up in order for us to renew the levy. So, last week on Saturday, hubby brought her to the nearest Fomema's appointed clinic. She went through the ordeal - take some blood sample, x-ray and some medical history checking. Except for the gastric problem she has, which my maid confessed and was given medication, others seemed to turn out alright.

But, we know the blood test and the X-Ray's results are still unknown coz according to the clinic, it will take around one week to get the result.

However, it came earlier than expected. Right after lunch, I got a call from dear hubby.

"Doctor called me just now. The result is out. Fomema tak approve sebab Bibik punya jantung ada bengkak sikit."


"So what do we do now? Kita kena hantar dia balik ke?" NOOOOO!!!

"I pun tak tau nak buat apa ni. But doctor asked me to come and see him coz he knows what to do."

Ok, from what I understand, there is still hope for Bibik to stay with us. BUT, the result, presently, is still negative!! I do not know what is the probability for Bibik to continue working with us, but the thought that Fomema rejected her stay in Malaysia scares me to death.

One thing for sure, we do not know whether we would be able to get a substitute maid as reliable as her. I would not say she's 100% perfect but being older than me and has more children than we do, she has greater experience than us when it comes to handling kids. I have to say she is more patient than me in managing Ashraff's tantrum (termasuklah ikan-atas-darat action), which sometimes (or most of the times) gets me on my nerves.

And after I got to know I was pregnant and encountered complications like spotting, most of Ashraff's time is spent with Bibik. My maid is the one who has to carry Ashraff everytime his heart desires, coz I wouldn't be able to do that. As a result, Ashraff is more attached to her as compared to me (though I hate to admit it).

Am I jealous of her since Ashraff is so attached to her? Of course! But, I would not blame her or Ashraff that this things happened. Probably it's me to be blamed...

So now, if we were force to send her home...gee..I can't think of how life would be without her around. Not only Ashraff, but both me and hubby are dependable on her. I believe I would be able to resume my position as super-wife and super-mommy if I am not pregnant. But with a baby growing in a tummy, I got tired easily (and this time around, asyik ngantuk je!).

Just as much as we are dependable on her, she also needs us as her employer. She is a single parent with three kids in Indonesia aged 17, 14 and 9. Most of her salaries are sent back home to finance her children's education. She always told us how difficult it is to earn a living in Indonesia and how things are way more expensive there as compared to here (e.g. petrol price and some food items). From what she told me, I can gauge her sincerity to work here. And for us to break the news that her health check-up does not go through, it must have break her heart.

Oh my, am i being too emotional here? Alamak, seriously I do not what to do lah. Sekarang ni nak concentrate on office work pun susah...Macamana ni??

Ahhh...i better go and perform my Dzhur's prayer, and pray to Allah that there's hope for her to stay for at least another year before her contract expires. Oh doc, please let there be any medication to cure that mild inflammation...and appeal for her to stay longer...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Absence from the Blogsphere...

Thanks for all the wishes and prayers. Alhamdulillah, my pregnancy is going out pretty well here (though I still have the sickness)...

I know I have been disconnected from blogging for almost a month. Apart from the regular sick leaves that I took (my boss mesti fed-up punya, but I can't help it), let just admit I am in a mental block state for the last few weeks. Agaknya kalau lama sangat tak menulis ni, otak berkarat...Even now it is still berkarat...

This "berkaratness" started off with a one week MC that I was forced to take, leaving me internet-less (and blog-less) at home. I had brown spotting/staining for 6 days. Seriously, I freaked out at the first sight of the spotting!! Yikes!! What do I do? What have I done? One thing for sure, Rafiqah is trying to become a doctor by pepandai reduce the dosage of her Duphaston, just because she could not stand the effect/sickness. At that point of time, I told myself if anything happens to the baby, I am the one who is supposed to be blamed...

So both me and hubby rushed to the gynae for an immediate check-up. Alhamdulillah, the sac is still intact...and we also witnessed the baby's heartbeat for the first time! Gynae gave me jap to further strenghten my womb. Ouch!

I was advised to rest in bed till the spotting stops. Minus the sickness, it was a bliss to be able to rest at home as I got to spend time with Ashraff. But after a while, without internet, confined to bed and ran out of materials to read and unable to replenish the stock, made me bored. Kena-kena pulak credit handphone pulak habis! Seriously mati kutu!

Thank God it lasted for 6 days only and then I am off to work. It is not that I am excited to go to the office (my goal is to work@home, remember?!), but being able to feel alive and kicking bring out the best in me. On the way to work, I already planned on what to do. Check emails, reply important emails, blog and blog hopping, top-up my credit etc,etc, etc.

But as I reached office...Alamak! Banyaknya kerja! Stress, stress. No time to check personal emails (as the official ones dah cukup memeningkan kepala), and what more to blog.

And bila dah 2 minggu tak blog, the "berkaratness" has taken its toll. Can u sense how berkarat I am with the bahasa rojak I wrote in this entry?!