Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ashraff's first exam

'Exam' is pretty big word for a 4-year old. 'Assessment' is milder. Excuse me for being ignorance to my son's assesstment time table, but he happens to have his knowledge and skills being put to test two weeks ago. 23 June 2008 to be exact. How did I find out? From the result given by the teacher yesterday.

We were suprised yet thrilled when Ashraff showed us his results yesterday. He got 84% for his Phonics, 97% for his Bahasa Malaysia and both 100% for his Maths and Science.

It was all expected. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Ashraff is slightly weak in alphabet recognition, thus his phonics was affected. So 84% is not bad, plus I find the questions quite tough. As for maths and science, that is expected too. He has such a great interest in that..apart from Arts.

As I looked through the papers, I can't believe he did it by himself as he told us so. I can buy his word as so far he is pretty much sincere. If he did it with the help of the teacher, he'll say so. If he is naught at school or fight in school, he'll tell us so.

Oh talking about Ashraff, he is 100% toilet-trained, both day and night. Yippee! He'll wake us up at night to pee. So far, he's diaper-less at night for the past one week without any accident. Now I have to wean him from bottle. Talking about weaning, there's 2 tough jobs that I'm targeting to do in the next few months. One is to wean Ashraff from bottle..and a much harder job is to wean Aliff from bfeeding. Phewhhh..please God, make my task easier...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Carnival & “Chinese Wedding”

Some updates on what’s happening last weekend.

Saturday, 28th June 2008

It was my 31st birthday. Some people might not have disclosed the number at this age. But there’s nothing for me to hide. I’m flattered that Hubby told me that I still look the same after all these years:)

Nothing extraordinary happened this day except for a birthday wish from Hubby at exactly 12 a.m. in the morning, and a perfectly sang birthday song from Ashraff. I had to spend half a day at the office. Both me and hubby actually.

Then at about 6.30 p.m, we headed to Bangi (Permata) for Petr0nas Carnival held annually. They have a mini “Jom Heboh” concert there. It was our first visit to the carnival. Wow! Impressive. I bet the Petr0nas Group spent a fortune there. We laid down our tikar mengkuang and sat and ate there at all times, while we enjoy the performances by our local artistes – Anuar Zain and Wings, and Indonesian Singer, Acha. The emcee is AC Mizal by the way.

Okay ni satu benda yang I frust. Though I’m not an Anuar Zain’s fan, but to be so close to him and yet not bringing my camera along is such a big disappointment to me. He was right in front of him, and everybody was rushing and pushing me to take photo of him, yet this lady here didn’t bring her camera along. I could only smile at him, boleh?! Kalau lah ada camera, bolehlah nak show off kat Farid..hehehe…

Sunday, 29th June 2008

A mundane Sunday morning to start with. In the afternoon, I was busy choosing a nice attire for Hubby’s Chinese friend’s wedding at KL Convention Centre. I have never attended a Chinese wedding before so I’m a bit clueless on what to wear. Hubby said just wear a nice top with pants. Tak payahlah pakai baju kurung. So I spent for about one hours choosing what to wear. Pinjam sikit dari ‘butik Mak’. Mix and match here and there. Tanya pendapat Hubby coz that’s what I normally does. I felt like I was attending company’s annual dinner, except Hubby told me a bit too late, thus I don’t have time to shop for new dress. I haven’t buy any proper/formal dress for quite sometime. Kena-kena time inflasi ni.

At last, I resort to wearing a black top (sampai paras lutut) with a pair of black stretchy-flair pants. And I planned to borrow Mak’s gold handbag and shoes for the night. Hubby choosed to wear his long sleeved black shirt with dark coloured jeans than look almost like a nice fitted trousers.

Straight away after attending a friend of Ashraff’s birthday party at 3 pm, me and Hubby were rushing to get ready for the event. I grabbed Mak’s stilletos and handbag and Hubby looked at me with one kind “You’re wearing gold shoes?!”
“Kenapa tak boleh ke?”
“No problem. Just asking.”

So off we went to KLCC. As we walked our ways among the quite heavy crowd at KLCC, I noticed that people who passes us by looked at me and Hubby satu macam. They looked at me dari atas ke bawah, and then kat Hubby. Only then did I noticed Hubby is wearing his sneakers. Sneakers?! What?! Beb, mana nak kena dengan gua punya gold stilletos and gold handbag. I looked way older than him…and was overdressed. Tak puas hati I terus confronted him, “Kenapa u pakai kasut tu?! I ingat u pakai kasut kerja. Orang tengok I semacam. Kita look odd together.”
“Okay apa…mana ada peliknya…”

Fine. I lost my mood. I don’t have the appetite to talk. So it was a quiet journey till we reached a small function room, when Hubby said…

“Yang, this is my birthday gift to you. Happy Birthday, Yang!” sambil tersengih macam kerang busuk.

Only then did I realised the banner at the entrance.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – The Broadway Musical.

Omigod! Suddenly my depressing face turned into a broad smile.

Hubby knows I love musical theatre so much and wanted to watch one here in Malaysia just like I did in Australia, but hey, makcik tak mampu.

He bought the ticket one month ago and praying that everything went smoothly. And indeed it went well. Except for the fact that I was a bit too overdressed that night. So I had to keep my gold handbag in B&B’s paper bag.

Anyway, it was a special function for Toyota’s users so we got to meet some of the casts. The VIP seat was a perfect seating for us. After so long, I got to watch theatre again. Thanks Hubby! And oh, he even bought me a B&B’s souvenir which is a snow globe with the red rose inside.

Thus, if anyone asked me how was the Chinese wedding, my answer will be “The bride is beautiful, but the groom turns out to be a beast!” Hahaha…