Thursday, September 22, 2005

One Busy Working Lady

I'm EXTREMELY busy with my new work in this new place. No time to check time for surfing the time for blogging...and worst still, not even have the time to go toilet!

But now, while waiting for hubby, I have the extra time to drop a line or two at my dearest online journal..I'll be at Ground Floor in this office building starting Monday. And guess what? Each officer has a room of its own, which includes YOURS TRULY! I'm so happy..Belum jadi boss pun dah dapat bilik. The whole integration between two banks is a Blessing in Disguise. Most of my friends from other dept envy us here..Well, that's life..Ahhhh...

But my boss made a remark.."kerja kita akan jadi sebesar bilik ye.." Which means more work for YOURS TRULY!! *sigh*

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's a small world afterall..

"Yang, we were invited to attend a majlis pertunangan this Saturday. We have to mengiring the boy's side."

That happened last Saturday. The soon-to-be fiance (now fiance)was my hubby's schoolmate..while the soon-to-be fiancee (now fiancee) was my classmate. They got to know this when both of them received our wedding invitation card the last two years. And we were suprised when they came together for our wedding. I can still remember what the fiancee told me on my wedding day.."I cakap kat dia yang I ada wedding this Sunday kat Bukit Antarabangsa and and I want him to come too..and to my suprise, he also told me that he has one too at Bukit Antarabangsa. And it turned out to be the same, except I was invited by you while him from your hubby". What a small world!

During the engagement ceremony, I saw a familiar face. She looks like my MRSM mate (but someone who I've never talked too in MRSM), except she changes a lot from her MRSM days (which we found out during our 10th year reunion). She turned out to be the fiance's sister-in-law and her name confirmed that she was my MRSM mate. What a small world!

Then, while eating the scrumptious meal with my hubby's other classmates, I asked one of them (actually to confirm)on whether his wife is from MRSM or not. He said his wife studied in MRSM Kuala Berang last time. Since she came from the same batch, I told him that some of BB friends also joined MRSM Kuala Berang like Fina, Ebbe, Nurzaimah. And to my suprise, he responded that he knows Fina...Hei Fina, glamernye kau!. And another guy also said that he has met Fina before. He said he met this famous BB pal of mine at one hockey tournament - Pakistan vs Malaysia, I think. Since I know Fina is a hockey freak, I'm not suprised. But the funny part was when he mentioned this.."Bukan Fina tu tomboy ke? Jerit dan ketawa tak ingat punya masa tengok hoki tu!". Hahahaha...Then he added that he had a brief encounter with Fina after few years.."Alhamdulillah, dah berubah dah.." hahahaha...What a small world!

On that night, I can see how small our circle of friends are..She knows him, and her friend knows his friend..It is a small world after all..

To Syaril and Asmahani, may you have a smooth engagement journey..and have fun preparing for your wedding!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Party is over...

Was on Emergency Leave yesterday. Ashraff was not feeling well. This morning, checked my email and I got this..

Dear Rafiqah,

Kindly be informed that YBhg Dato' XXXXXX has decided to cancel your participation to Istanbul, Turkey at the end of this month.

Training Dept.

So there goes my dream trip to Turkey, Europe. Twice this year! First to Japan, now to Turkey. I guess it's not my year..But then, deep down inside, I don't feel totally devastated (like it is the end of the world) coz I'm quite well prepared for this. You know with merging and stuff, I have the feeling I won't be going. Or probably because Ashraff has started calling me "Ibu" which I don't think I could stand not hearing his voice for a whole two weeks. Somehow, God has a way of arranging our life and I believe ada hikmah di sebalik setiap kejadian...


Ashraff's party went out well last Saturday. Although most of my close friends could not make Sheila (her baby came three weeks early than scheduled), Nissa (last minute course to Melaka), and most of my officemates (with various reasons)...the house was still full of 25 other childrens.

Ashraff was in good mood throughout the event(me and hubby was thankful for that!). Here are some captures of the day:-

A goodie for the children, consist of squeaky toyplane, biscuits, chocolates and sweets. If u want to get one for your children's party, u can be in contact with famygirl..

Ashraff's cake with Ashraff's pic on it..You can contact yours truly to order..hehehe...But do u notice that the wording is slightly distorted? That's because there's slight error, instead of 1st, it was written as 2nd. So, we had to amend it manually..Darn! But the taste of the choc moist cake is superb!

Cake cutting ceremony. Ibu dia yang excited..

The star of the day..."Bird mana Ashraff?".."Bird takde"..

Me and Hubby would like to thank all who came and make the event a memorable one..thanks for the lovely gift!

Friday, September 02, 2005

"What I was like"

Tagged by Fina..darn..Thank God I have nothing else to do in the office except for reading policies..So here goes..

20 years ago : 1985 (I was 8)
Was in std 2 Kuning at that time. Mistaken for a nerd, with my big plastic spectacles and exxxtrraaa slim figure at that time. Oh how I hate the way I look at that time! Was a quiet and timid girl back then. Too afraid to answer any questions given my teachers, too afraid to socialize..I actually changed starting from Std 5..I don't know how it happens though..

10 years ago : 1995 (I was 18)
Was called to join MSM Trolak, Perak in June for an Induction Course in Commerce. Same college as Hubby but we did not talk to each other. I just knew him as my roommate's classmate and later, as President of Student Council. Still wearing spectacles..but with a metal frame this time..

5 years ago : 2000 (I was 23)
Back to Malaysia after studying in Melbourne, Australia for 3 years. In May, I got a job at BITMB (still here after 5 yrs!). Said goodbye to spectacles and hello to contact lenses!

3 years ago : 2002 (I was 25)
Engaged to dearest Hubby in January and the rest of the year was spent preparing for our wedding in January the subsequent year. We went through lots of engagement turbulence that year, with him adjusting to my way and me to his..Oh yes, we "donated" lots of money to Maxis in doing so..

Last year : 2004 (I was 27)
Gone thru 1st time pregnancy, labour pain and became a MOTHER! The most memorable year of my life. I was later promoted to become a Senior Executive at my Bank..Rezeki anak..

This year : 2005 (I am 28)
Anythg interesting this year? I guess this year is filled with me educating myself to become a good mother (plus a good wife). Oh yes, this year I started venturing into business, somethg I never thought of..Not until I got Ashraff. Create My Own Gift was set-up in May this year.

Next year : 2006 (Will be 29)
A lot of plans line-up for Create My Own Gift - new product, new affiliates etc. Hope it materialise. On family, perhaps another baby?

10 years from now : 2015 (will be 38)
A certified entreprenuer and working at home mother. Have children from both gender - boy and girl. Hopefully by then we have travelled to Europe..Oh yeah, by then I want to 'close shop' more babies..

Please continue this legacy, Nana, famygirl and zan..

Hope it's not too late to wish Malaysian "Happy Merdeka Day!"

The meaning of Merdeka for a one-year old