Sunday, April 18, 2010

About Aqieff

Seldom did I blog about Aqieff (as a matter of fact, I seldom blog nowadays)...

I guess I have to do it or else I have this maternal guilt...hehe..

Anyway, here are some facts about Aqieff:-

1. He is currently 9 months old.

2. He has two lower teeth and two upper teeth.

3. He has the fastest development as compared to the two brothers..initially. He started crawling at the age of 5 months old. And now, he has about the same pace as his brothers. He can sit unsupported, walk while holding onto furniture, understands a simple 'No', can climb the stairs. He is now learning how to stand unsupported..and if all goes well, I hope he can walk before he turns one just like Ashraff and Aliff, who have perfected that skill on their first birthdays.

4. He is also the easiest baby among the three. He is active but quiet..not much of a crying or whining like the other two.

5. But not when it comes to putting him to sleep. Sangat susah! We are still using the rocker (bouncer net) to lull him..and he is also on pacifier..and he also needs his bantal to cover his face...ok senang cerita, perangai ni sama macam Abang Ashraffnye...

6. Contrast to Aliff, Aqieff smiles a lot...and his smile is contagious even to a serious stranger who doesn't smile to babies. He will look at the person's face and as long as he wants until that person notices and smiles back at him.

7. But don't ever try to touch him, stranger! Coz he will start crying. Among the three, Aqieff has the strongest stranger anxiety.

8. Due to his easy-to-smile character, we have tonnes photos of him smiling..and as he grows older, he seems to know what camera is all about, so the moment we focus the camera at him, he will start smiling..and voila! a nice photo of him. Abang Aliff baru sekarang faham what 'smile' is..and baru lately pandai smile in front of the camera. There are some things that the brothers learn from this little lad.

9. Just like Abang Ashraff when he was a baby, Aqieff suka main dengan toys yang ada tayar..coz he loves to roll it with his tiny fingers.

10. In general, Aqieff is more like Abang Ashraff..even their faces are similar...

11. Except for, he loves to eat..yang ini sama dengan Abang Aliff. Thank God! It's easier to get children who loves to eat than a fussy eater.

12. He is also the fairest among the three. So my 'nescafe ais 'baby is not as dark as nescafe ais..pheww..

12. Aqieff is a lucky baby coz his brothers love him dearly. He always got smooches from them..and they love to entertain him. Aliff never feels this love when he was baby. Dia asyik kena pukul and tolak by Ashraff.

All in all, I'm at ease when taking care of was so easy that I can't believe he is already 9 months old. Trust me, soon it will be time when people asked me "Bila nak try for a girl..?"