Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's up RafiqahEliza?

Hehehehe...where have I been for the last 5 months?

Well, I'm still alive and kicking..but very (3x) busy..mengalahkan PM.

For the past 5 months, there's been a lot going on in my life I just don't know where to start. So I better make it into point form to make sure I do not miss anything.

1. Work - I'm out of Branch, thus no longer doing branch operation. I was transferred to HQ on 1 December 2008 into credit department, doing regional work for loan applications received by the Bank. This includes vetting applications done by the branch and presenting it to the committee. The hard pard is of course presenting caused you are high likely to be bombarded by committee should you miss out some important facts or worst case, give them the wrong information altogether. But I've learned to become 'muka tembok' and put everything behind you as you walked out from the committee's meeting room. So far I love this job but it gave me no time to blog or surfing. Well, well.

2. Hubby - Alhamdulillah, he received his CPA Australia certification last month. I'm proud to see him walk up the stage to receive his cert. Now, he's pursuing MBA, thus he has to forgo half of his weekends with the family to attend classes. Not only that, he has to wake up at 5am to do his assignment and help me with doing laundry at the same time now that we are maidless. Talking about maidless...

3. Life without a maid - Tired but satisfied. I'm happy because I have a helpful helper i.e. hubby. The kids weren't too hard to handle as they can be left unattended (provided they stay in a room) so I can do some household chores before putting them to sleep. We send Ashraff to a full day programme at Islamic kindy while Aliff was sent to the nursery. So far we love to see their development.

4. New house - kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan. We are still staying at my parents'. Apparently we are facing cost overuns..hahaha..Nope, adalah reason yang lagi concrete. Lihat di bawah...

5. New family member - Alhamdulillah, I'm 5 months preggy. Due in July this year. And it is quite a hard first trimester for me as I was admitted to the hospital due to dehydration. So now u can figure why we can't move in to our new house. Who wants to help hubby to do the cleaning and unpacking job? Hehehe...but I'm okay now. In fact, kitaorang dah tau gender baby ni. Jeng, jeng, jeng...Another BOY! Seriously if u asked me, I don't mind, but what frustrates me is because I dissapoint Ashraff who keeps on telling me he wants a sister so tak payah berebut-rebut nak main his toys as she can play with her Barbie (siap bagi reason tu) and my mom who wants cucu perempuan from the very beginning. Tengok diaorang frust, kita pun frust. For me, just as long as sempurna dan sihat, alhamdulillah. Lagipun I feel special to be the only female in the family. Kalau gambar raya I sorang je pakai baju kurung, yang lain pakai baju Melayu. How cool is that!

6. Business - As abandoned as this blog, the same goes for CMOG. I do take orders but very limited due to my time constraint. I need to spare some ME time to take care of my physical health sebab kalau Ibu dah stress, susah nanti..hehehe..

The next point I think I better make it into another sub-heading because I'm gonna talk about the boys...


1. He is 4 years and 7 months. His baby brother will come just in time for his 5th birthday.

2. He is attending Islamic kindy school and alhamdulillah he attended the school without much hesitation.

3. On the 1st day of school he cried because he has to stay till evening while most of the kids go back in the afternoon. But I managed to convince him to stay dengan alasan "Kalau Aliff boleh duduk nursery sampai petang, kenapa Ashraff tak boleh." That's when his ego strikes in...and he kept quiet after that.

4. I love the activity they had for the full day programme. They have prayer time, doa time, makan time, nap time, mandi time and khalifah circle time. So basically now Ashraff knows the basic prayer movements and bacaan-bacaan yang senang. He also knows when to doa - nak makan (yang ni dari dulu lagi), nak tidur, keluar rumah, masuk and keluar tandas. And the best part is tak semua doa dia hafal so at home he asked me or Hubby to recite. Gosh! Frankly speaking, banyak yang kitaorang tak hafal, but to fulfill his demand, now both me and Hubby terpaksa hafal some of the doas, which is also beneficial for us. Kalau tak kena macam ni, sampai bila pun tak hafal.

5. I also love to see the positive changes in his behaviour. He helps me a lot especially when Hubby is away. Some of the things he helps me is to pack his and Aliff's things for school and nursery. He make sure that his pajamas and Aliff's are ready on bed so that Ibu can change them into pjs without much hassle.

6. I'm yet to see him read...and to see him wean from drinking milk from bottle.


1. He is 2 years and 4 months to be exact. Will be brother when he's 2 years 8 months. But in terms of year, they are 3 years gap.

2. Still chubby..and cheeky too.

3. Kuat makan, kuat berlari, kuat main, kuat tantrum..

4. A chatterbox. Can ask question perfectly. Cepat warm up to stranger as compared to his brother.

5. Suka buli abang. Abang being very good brother selalu mengalah, unless he's damn angry like this one time, Abang dah penat-penat buat tower with blocks, tetiba datang Aliff dia saja je langgar and the whole tower just collapsed. Abang was so pissed off, dia tolak Aliff jatuh terhentam kepala kat lantai, and then dia cakar muka Aliff. Berceloreng muka Aliff..

6. He no longer breastfeed. I've tried different methods like slow talking until to the extend of putting benda-benda pahit kat tempat yang sepatutnya, but nothing works. Until one day, I wean him cold turkey. I let him cried for one hour..berguling-guling atas lantai. Tried that before but my heart cepat cair and gave up. But that one fine day, hati I memang cekal. I couldn't take it anymore as it's very painful when he breastfeed and dah takde susu pun. He finally gave up trying and opt for susu Milo instead (susu Milo = chocolate flavoured formula). The next day his crying shortened and finally he stopped asking.

7. He love to sayang-sayang baby. He will hug my tummy and say "sayang baby"...

Opps...Hubby is coming. Gotta sign off. I'll post some pictures later...insyaAllah..