Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Update..after my long absence..


It's been a long while since my last update. 4 months, believe it or not. I guess this is the longest period since I left any entry.

As usual, to start again is not easy. Writer's block..Lost of vocabs..Poor sentence structure...Mixture of English and Malay. Do excuse me for that..

Thus, I opt for a simple way to update about myself..and my family..that is, by using point form..

1. I am a busy woman..very busy at work since we have to take care from A-Z of banking operation i.e. from marketing, processing loan, disbursement, collection and NPL rectification. Gila ke hape..I memang lost focus. Itu nak buat, ini nak buat, last-last semuanya tak siap...

2. I am maidless since one week before Raya. We sent bibik for 1 month holiday, and she ends up not coming back here (just as we expected). We decided not to use the help of maid as at now. With the help of my supportive hubby, alhamdulillah, I manage to resume my duty as a bionic woman who take charge of everything in the household..except for masak..sebab as at now, Mak takes care of those. But dah pindah rumah nanti, semua sekali kena buat. If other people can do it, why can't I? Plus, I feel a lot more satisfaction having to do it on my own. Cause when we had bibik, I neglect some of the things. Baju ni simpan kat mana, or toys ni simpan kat mana pun tak tahu.

So far okay as the boys can play on their own now, leaving me with ample time to take care of household chores. But I don't know what it'll be like if I'm pregnant again and have a newborn.

3. As mentioned in point 1, nope I'm not pregnant. I wanted so much to have a baby in the 1st half of 2009, but God knows best. Currently, it's like "kalau ada, adalah..kalau takde pun, takpe..". Kira taklah beriya2 and got frustrated everytime tak jadi..if you got what I mean.

4. Lanjutan dari perkara 1 dan 2, CMOG is abandoned. Not totally, but slightly ignored. I have to decline big orders, which is quite frustrating. Even now, I have to find ways to continue with CMOG despite not having maid. Time management everybody!

5. About being maidless, we have decided to enrol Ashraff in a full day programme. Since Ashraff's current school does not have full-day programme, we decided to switch to a new kindy next year. This time it's an Islamic English medium kindy and hope it is for Ashraff's own good. As at now, Ashraff is staying with Tok Mak and Tok Abah after school.

6. As for Aliff, we are sending him to a daycare centre starting next month. This is my biggest dilemma. To be able to have a strong heart to see his sad face everytime we send him off to the daycarer, especially during the first few days. Or whether he can adapt well to the new environment. Whether the daycarer can cope with Aliff's tantrums and antics. Plus, the day we send him to nursery is also the first day he weans from breastfeeding (plannya) as it is the day after his 2nd birthday! Oh two new changes in one day. My poor baby...

7. About weaning, I still have no idea on how to do it or will my plan to wean him off on his 2nd birthday materializes. Aliff is still very much attached to it. He refused to take formula when he is with me. My biggest worry is during the night feeding. Takutnya nak tempuhi saat-saat itu..oh please make it easy for me and my Aliff...

8. Our new house..renovation just completed. Now we are looking for all the loose fittings - furnitures, lighting, paint, wallpaper, curtains..oh so many things to consider..and so much money involves...Plan : to celebrate New Year at our new house.

9. Our old house...manage to find a buyer. S&P signed and deposit taken. But we haven't move our things as yet. Plan : To do it after Raya.

10. Hubby...currently doing MBA. So basically half of our weekends are gone as he has to attend classes. Not a problem..I support him all the way.

11. The boys are doing great and thriving well. Ashraff is a lot matured now. He can tolerate his brother's antics. In fact, he understands that bibik is not coming home..and ibu is penat so don't make ibu marah. He keeps on reminding Aliff to do this and not to do that. But of course, a 4 yo is still a 4 yo. Bergaduh, melawan cakap, sepahkan barang, masihlah buat.

12. As for Aliff, he is a chatter-box especially after the prolonged fever during Raya holiday (maybe rindukan bibik kot). He can not only construct sentences, but he can ask questions well too. Macamana ni? siapa tu? kenapa? apa? all at the right places.

Apa lagi ye...Oh yeah, due to my demanding activity, my social life is neglected. I miss going to Aidan's party, miss Ariff's party, miss reading all the juicy stories from hot-gucci blogging mama...Thank God we still make it to most of the Raya's open houses. Hmm..what to do...

Anyway, here's a Raya picture from us...

It maybe too late..but what the heck, Selamat Hari Raya from Fitri, Rafiqah, Ashraff and Aliff...

Photos of the boys...

Till my next update (yang tak tahu bila), adios!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ashraff's first exam

'Exam' is pretty big word for a 4-year old. 'Assessment' is milder. Excuse me for being ignorance to my son's assesstment time table, but he happens to have his knowledge and skills being put to test two weeks ago. 23 June 2008 to be exact. How did I find out? From the result given by the teacher yesterday.

We were suprised yet thrilled when Ashraff showed us his results yesterday. He got 84% for his Phonics, 97% for his Bahasa Malaysia and both 100% for his Maths and Science.

It was all expected. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Ashraff is slightly weak in alphabet recognition, thus his phonics was affected. So 84% is not bad, plus I find the questions quite tough. As for maths and science, that is expected too. He has such a great interest in that..apart from Arts.

As I looked through the papers, I can't believe he did it by himself as he told us so. I can buy his word as so far he is pretty much sincere. If he did it with the help of the teacher, he'll say so. If he is naught at school or fight in school, he'll tell us so.

Oh talking about Ashraff, he is 100% toilet-trained, both day and night. Yippee! He'll wake us up at night to pee. So far, he's diaper-less at night for the past one week without any accident. Now I have to wean him from bottle. Talking about weaning, there's 2 tough jobs that I'm targeting to do in the next few months. One is to wean Ashraff from bottle..and a much harder job is to wean Aliff from bfeeding. Phewhhh..please God, make my task easier...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Carnival & “Chinese Wedding”

Some updates on what’s happening last weekend.

Saturday, 28th June 2008

It was my 31st birthday. Some people might not have disclosed the number at this age. But there’s nothing for me to hide. I’m flattered that Hubby told me that I still look the same after all these years:)

Nothing extraordinary happened this day except for a birthday wish from Hubby at exactly 12 a.m. in the morning, and a perfectly sang birthday song from Ashraff. I had to spend half a day at the office. Both me and hubby actually.

Then at about 6.30 p.m, we headed to Bangi (Permata) for Petr0nas Carnival held annually. They have a mini “Jom Heboh” concert there. It was our first visit to the carnival. Wow! Impressive. I bet the Petr0nas Group spent a fortune there. We laid down our tikar mengkuang and sat and ate there at all times, while we enjoy the performances by our local artistes – Anuar Zain and Wings, and Indonesian Singer, Acha. The emcee is AC Mizal by the way.

Okay ni satu benda yang I frust. Though I’m not an Anuar Zain’s fan, but to be so close to him and yet not bringing my camera along is such a big disappointment to me. He was right in front of him, and everybody was rushing and pushing me to take photo of him, yet this lady here didn’t bring her camera along. I could only smile at him, boleh?! Kalau lah ada camera, bolehlah nak show off kat Farid..hehehe…

Sunday, 29th June 2008

A mundane Sunday morning to start with. In the afternoon, I was busy choosing a nice attire for Hubby’s Chinese friend’s wedding at KL Convention Centre. I have never attended a Chinese wedding before so I’m a bit clueless on what to wear. Hubby said just wear a nice top with pants. Tak payahlah pakai baju kurung. So I spent for about one hours choosing what to wear. Pinjam sikit dari ‘butik Mak’. Mix and match here and there. Tanya pendapat Hubby coz that’s what I normally does. I felt like I was attending company’s annual dinner, except Hubby told me a bit too late, thus I don’t have time to shop for new dress. I haven’t buy any proper/formal dress for quite sometime. Kena-kena time inflasi ni.

At last, I resort to wearing a black top (sampai paras lutut) with a pair of black stretchy-flair pants. And I planned to borrow Mak’s gold handbag and shoes for the night. Hubby choosed to wear his long sleeved black shirt with dark coloured jeans than look almost like a nice fitted trousers.

Straight away after attending a friend of Ashraff’s birthday party at 3 pm, me and Hubby were rushing to get ready for the event. I grabbed Mak’s stilletos and handbag and Hubby looked at me with one kind “You’re wearing gold shoes?!”
“Kenapa tak boleh ke?”
“No problem. Just asking.”

So off we went to KLCC. As we walked our ways among the quite heavy crowd at KLCC, I noticed that people who passes us by looked at me and Hubby satu macam. They looked at me dari atas ke bawah, and then kat Hubby. Only then did I noticed Hubby is wearing his sneakers. Sneakers?! What?! Beb, mana nak kena dengan gua punya gold stilletos and gold handbag. I looked way older than him…and was overdressed. Tak puas hati I terus confronted him, “Kenapa u pakai kasut tu?! I ingat u pakai kasut kerja. Orang tengok I semacam. Kita look odd together.”
“Okay apa…mana ada peliknya…”

Fine. I lost my mood. I don’t have the appetite to talk. So it was a quiet journey till we reached a small function room, when Hubby said…

“Yang, this is my birthday gift to you. Happy Birthday, Yang!” sambil tersengih macam kerang busuk.

Only then did I realised the banner at the entrance.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – The Broadway Musical.

Omigod! Suddenly my depressing face turned into a broad smile.

Hubby knows I love musical theatre so much and wanted to watch one here in Malaysia just like I did in Australia, but hey, makcik tak mampu.

He bought the ticket one month ago and praying that everything went smoothly. And indeed it went well. Except for the fact that I was a bit too overdressed that night. So I had to keep my gold handbag in B&B’s paper bag.

Anyway, it was a special function for Toyota’s users so we got to meet some of the casts. The VIP seat was a perfect seating for us. After so long, I got to watch theatre again. Thanks Hubby! And oh, he even bought me a B&B’s souvenir which is a snow globe with the red rose inside.

Thus, if anyone asked me how was the Chinese wedding, my answer will be “The bride is beautiful, but the groom turns out to be a beast!” Hahaha…

Friday, June 20, 2008

A visit to "Rumah Cik Maimon".

Do u know this place?

When was the last time u visited this place?

I can't remember when...or whether I have actually step my foot in this place. Oh, just in case you have no idea what place I'm talking about, it's our National Monument (or just like NST's advert, it's 'Rumah Cik Maimon':))

MIL and SIL came early of this month, so Hubby decided to bring them to a historical sight. On their last visit, Hubby brought them to Muzium Negara (which I could not follow coz I got to work), and this time, it's the National Monument.

Being a first-timer there, I would say it's such an impressive statue. No wonder it's a must for tourist to go there...and they maintained the place well with all the fountains, gardens and what not.

Garfield in Malaysia? Well, this cat was dyed with henna. Nice attempt to get some tourist attraction.

While some people took pictures seriously, some do it lightly. For e.g this father-and-son duo...

Aliff was not in the mood to play initially...but after some time, he got restless in the gendong and decided to go for a walk...and of course, very much attracted to the water spots...

And refused to go back...

I guess a visit to historical sights around KL is mostly forgotten by the KLites. Most people opt for shopping complexes, theme parks, balik kampung..or just lepaking at home during weekends/holidays...yelah dengan harga minyak yang mendadak naik ni...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There's something about...

…My Two Boys.

I have been blogging in my head for the last few weeks about the development of Ashraff and Aliff. Constructing sentences in the LRT, before I go to sleep, in the toilet..almost everwhere. Now that I have the time to actually blog, I seemed at lost. I just don’t know where to start.


Naturally, I’ll start with Ashraff.


He is currently 3 years and 10 months old.

As mentioned earlier, he has been sick on and off for the last few months (not a nice opening, I know). Not so much of severe fever, but more of runny nose, then proceed to coughing…and then ended up with mild bronchitis. He wouldn’t cure by its own without the help of antibiotic. Thus, depending on how often he fell sick, sometimes he has to take the next course of antibiotic in the span of two weeks gap. Tell me mothers, is it okay to take antibiotic that often?

As for development wise, he developed quite some skills and knowledge, thanks to the school, books and VCDs. He can count from 1-20, although he misses on few numbers like 13 and 15. I guess if the number is spelt out as “three-teen” or “five-teen” instead of “thirteen” and “fifteen”, I’m sure he’ll not miss those numbers. If the quantity of the object is less than 5, he can tell us the quantity without pointing at each object and count.

As opposed to numbers, Ashraff still has not recognized most of the alphabets. Yup, he’s improving as compared to before attending school, but I still feel he’s lacking in that area (or am I too enthusiast?). He doesn’t show us much interest until recently, where he’ll try to spell some of the words he found in his book. And I guess now he can figure out that when we mentioned “A is for Apple”, he actually have to look at the first letter to tell..and not the letter in between (got what I mean?). And then he will ask something like “S is for apa, Ibu?”…and I’ll have to give him some words as an answer.

Although he hasn’t reaches the age of 4 yet, but some kids I know has able to recognize alphabet well…and some even can read simple words. Ok, am I putting high hope on him should I expect him to read simple words by the end of this year (though I do not say that to him..i’m just keeping my finger crossed in silence)? Or at least spell out his name? Or am I freaking out here? Hahaha…

As for spoken language, I would say Ashraff’s English vocab expands tremendously. He can speak full sentence in English. And sometimes we had a conversation without one word of Malay coming out from his mouth. I’m quite surprise…sebab kalau nak ikutkan we mostly talk in Malay at home. He must have learnt it from school or the VCDs. But the thing I noticed recently is he’ll start changing the name he calls us to “mom” and “dad” everytime he speaks in English. Sekali dengan slang American lagi. Geli babe!

Ashraff also shows us some tremendous interest in animals. First, he loves to watch Animal Planet, his second option after Ceria. And it shall follow with a string of questions yang amatlah mencabar nak jawab. These are few questions that came out of Ashraff’s mouth:-

1. How does a fish sleep?

2. Caterpillar tidur kat mana? Grasshopper pulak? Kalau owl tidur kat dalam lubang kan? Ibu dia jawab,“errr…I guess.” (note to self : check the internet).

3. Mana ayah animal tu? Mana ibu dia? Yang kecik tu baby dia ke? Mana Ashraff dia? Aliff dia mana?

4. Kalau owl dia tidur siang ke? Malam dia tak tidur? Animal apa lagi tak tidur malam?

5. Kalau baby dog is puppy, baby wolf apa ibu? (is it a cub?)

6. Coyote dalam Melayu apa ibu?

7. Owl makan apa ibu? Bee makan apa? Macamana bee buat honey ibu?

8. Kat mana nak tengok dinosaur Ibu? Kat zoo ada tak? Dia big ke Ibu? (note to self : buy him Jurassic Park CD).

9. “Kita boleh pegang stingray tak ibu?”
Ibu dengan selambanya jawab, “Boleh!”.
“Mana boleh ibu. Stingray ada poison tau..kalau kena cucuk boleh mati.”
“Opps sorry..ibu lupa…Pandailah Ashraff ni”

Nice going ibu!

10. This is the best so far.
“Ibu, spider minum air apa?”
Ibu sambil berfikir spider minum air ke? menjawab “Air hujan”.
“Hah?! Ye ke ibu?”
Alamak ibu panic! “Kenapa Ashraff? Tak betul ke?”
“Kalau lagu itsy bitsy spider tu, spider takut air hujan..kalau kena rain, it will wash the spider out kan?”
Way to go Ibu! Siapa kata orang yang makan garam dulu akan lebih berpengetahuan? Emmm… I should stick to “Spider tak minum air kot. But Ibu’ll check.” Now I’m wondering, spider minum air tak?

One thing good about the exercise above, I got to find out the answers and at the same time brush up my knowledge in this department. I can’t remember being so inquisitive at this age. Yup, I do ask a lot I remember, but not so much of what I’d categorise as intelligent questions.

Ok everybody, Ashraff finally make friends with some girls in school. Let me see, we got someone by the name of Heidi, Aisya, Aliya, Sara, Amanda. Among the girls, Ashraff likes Aisya. Kalau tanya kenapa. Dia tak jawab. Anyway, I’ve met with Aisya. Cantik budaknya. Fair, long hair and has that Chinese look. Hehehe..

Now my very picky eater, has some favourite dishes as his meal. He loves to eat daging masak kicap..and anything that has ikan bilis. For him, kalau the dish takde rasa pedas, he’ll refuse to eat. Dia kena ada slightly rasa pedas. He told me that he refused to eat at school because “food dia takde cili”. Gee! Even his daging masak kicap, I have to tumis sedikit cili blend first.

Hmmm what else with Ashraff. Gaduh dengan Aliff, tetap. Tak nak share toys with Aliff, tetap. Kalau hitam kata dia maka hitamlah, tetap. Minum susu pakai botol, tetap.

Move on with Aliff…


He is currently 1 year 7 months old.

He’s still breastfeeding, but now he has started to drink formula with chocolate favor. He doesn’t take it from bottle, instead he prefers drinking from a cup using a straw. Looks like he’s weaning from bottle very soon.

Now that he has started drinking formula, I’ve reduced my pumping time in the office from twice to once. I’ve also started to think how I can completely wean him from breastfeeding. I want to do it gradually so by the age of 2 he shall officially wean from bf. Ehem…I’m actually planning for a new baby. So far no sign yet. But Mak told me since I’ve pasang niat to bf Aliff till he’s two, so I presumed Allah has granted my wish by not making me pregnant before he’s 2 (of coslah dia belum 2 lagi). You know, there’s a big possibility I have to immediately stop him from bf once I’m pregnant..esp I have experienced the sign of miscarriage while I was pregnant with Aliff last time.

Eh, ni update pasal Aliff ke atau Ibu dia?

Back to Aliff. He’s thriving well. He eats almost anything. He is very adventurous in food tasting. He’ll taste whatever is in front of him, and if he dislikes it, he’ll spit it out. I remember with Ashraff, how he dislikes food so much at Aliff’s age, we have to force him to eat..and once the food is inside he’s mouth, he’ll immediately throw it out. We ended up having to bathe him as he vomitted lots of times. Gosh…those were the days.

Aliff, just like his brother, loves Ultraman. He’ll go “Hayak! Hayak!” all the way, complete with action and what not. Just like Ashraff, he can also follow in the tune of Ultraman’s song..altho his was a “pelat” version.

Talking about pelat, this boy is pelat babe! Boleh tahan pekat jugak. Sometimes tak faham satu hapah pun yang dia cakap. But he talks a lot. I remember Ashraff having very limited vocab at this age, but Aliff, he can construct sentences at this age. He can even ask “Ibu buat apa?”. And everyone will love him like hell whenever he said “Hi Ibu!” or “Hi Ayah!” with that big cheeky smile on his face. That smile yang sangat mahal as he doesn’t smile a lot. He doesn’t laugh as much and as loud as Ashraff either. Oklah maybe Ashraff is a bit too loud and it laughing or crying…hahaha. With Aliff, if he laughs once in a blue moon, it is infectious. Everyone will laugh with him. He has that chubby cheeks yang memang sedap untuk dicium..altho unlike Ashraff, he hates to be kissed. Ashraff is kissable and huggable. Ashraff loves to rub nose with me, something that I did since he was small. With Aliff, he hates it!

Now Aliff, as compared to Ashraff, is pretty hard to teach dual language. Ashraff at this age can use both Malay and English interchangeably. But Aliff, if he associates an object with a word, he refused to associate the same object with another word i.e. another language. He’ll usually follow the first word that we teached him. If it’s Malay, then it’s going to be forever the Malay word. Contoh macam “buku”, is forever going to be “buku” (so far) and mata is always “mata”. We tried to teach him to say “book” or “eyes” but he refused to budge. Dia akan cakap “mata, mata mata” or “buku, buku, buku”je. But if the introductory word is English, so English it is. “Lizard” and “Cat” are some of the words that he’ll say in English. He’ll never say ‘cicak’ or ‘kucing’. So spending most of his times with bibik, u can guess lah bahasa apa yang dia mostly cakap…yup, Malay with Indon slang. Damn!

In this area, I usually seek for Ashraff’s help. I told him to speak English with Aliff. So at times I overheard him speak to Aliff “Talk in English, Aliff. Not “dua”, but “two”.

This may be my instinct as a mother, but maybe Aliff is not of a linguistic person like Ashraff. Instead he is very good with his hands. He can open almost any packaging, no matter how tightly sealed the packaging was. Patience is his virtue. He can sit for hours dismantling stuffs and constructing things. Ashraff has never had that kind of patience. Kalau suruh buat tu semuanya “Ashraff tak pandai bukak. Ashraff kan kecik lagi”. *Roll eyes..roll eyes* But, you see, having kid which is good with his hands at Aliff’s age, lots of stuffs are destroyed. Bedak berterabur, air dalam botol tumpah, minyak masak baru beli sikit lagi nak banyaklah kejadian yang catatrophic berlaku…hehe…

Now about teeth..hmmm…I can’t tell how many teeth he actually got but what I can see is only 8 teeth. Maybe he has few gigi geraham at the back, but I can’t really see. Asking him to open his small and pouty lips is a major dreadful thing to do. He’ll throw tantrum for sure.

About taking medicine, gosh with Aliff, susahnya nak bagi makan ubat! Ashraff senang sangat! Bukak mulut, terus telan. Takde nangis, takde jerit. With Aliff, susahnya! Menjerit2 macam kena pukul. And he’ll gurgle the medicine, refuse to swallow and sembur balik kat muka kita. Bengang ok! Yang peliknya, bila kita tekan hidung dia, tak jugak dia telan ubat tu. Nasib baiklah dia jarang sakit.

Now about TV time. Just when I thought I’ve passed that The-TV-is-Mine-24/7 stage with Ashraff, Aliff is now entering the same stage. Rasanya baru 6 bulan I berjaya negotiate with Ashraff on TV time. Tiba-tiba sekarang I have to berebut dengan Aliff pulak. There were few times, he was mad when I switched off the DVD player and turned on my program. And I’m expecting that kind of behaviour to be intensified in a few months time. Looks like I could never watch my program with the kids around.

Emmm…I guess that’s all about the boys.

Wow, finally I’ve updated about them. I’m glad.

As for me pal, I’m a very busy woman. Office work is hell! I’ve applied for transfer. Tengoklah kalau ada rezeki, maybe I can be transferred to a lesser busy department. Or at least, a department where I don’t have to deal with external clients. Babe, tak larat melayan kerenah client ni…And oh, guess what, 3 pregnant ladies in this department have now miscarriaged. Yang sedang mencuba pulak, tak melekat2. Must be the stress. I have to do something…kalau boleh, taknaklah stop at 2. I want baby no 3, babe..Hoping for a girl:)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sports' Day, Old School and such.

The last time I updated the blog was one month ago. That’s a looong time, isn’t it? Not that I don’t have any juicy stories to update, but I have lost the appetite to blog, mainly due to my tight schedule, both office work and CMOG. Alternately, the boys often fell sick – fever, bad cough and flu. Ashraff has been suffering from runny nose and bad cough which only can be cured by antibiotics every now and then. Aliff, if he’s not strong enough, will follow suit. If u r a parent yourself, you will know how tiring it is to care for the sick. Thus, if you happened to feel that I’m slimmer than the last time you saw me, then this may be the major cause.

Anyway, here are few events that took place since my last entry:-

30th April – Ashraff’s Sports’ Day.

It was his first sports event. He entered 4 games – letak beanbag atas kepala, bawak toys dalam pinggan, masukkan bola dalam bakul and lari dalam gelung. I guess being the first sports’ day and merely entering 4 yrs old, he still could not grasp the concept of sports and its spirit. For him, all that matters is to complete the task as perfect as possible without considering the speed. It was so funny whereby in one event he actually walked and then turn back half-way down the road. I guess he must have hate that event.

There’s also parent-child games. And one game was a blow for me, where I fell down, bringing Ashraff down as well. I had to run carrying Ashraff, and towards the end of the line, I lost my balance. Ashraff was badly hit on his head. It was an embarrassing moment for me. I felt like I was labeled as “The Mom who fell down” the entire day. And guess what? Just to make my day, hubby caught the entire scene on video tape. Geee…

17th – 19th May – Branch’s Family Day.

My former branch had a family day in which we joined in the fun. This time around it was at Sutera Beach Resort, Kuala Terengganu. I simply love the resort. Nice and serene…and I love the swimming pool. It’s as green as the nearby ocean.

The holiday is not so much of relaxing and lazing around holiday, whereby you can put your legs up and read, swim, eat and sleep comfortably. But instead, me and hubby thought we were one of the contestants of Amazing Race. We were running around the hotel, in the room, at the beach, in the restaurant. Apa lagi kalau bukan kejar mamat Aliff. Thank God Ashraff is big enough to stay at one spot (or follow us kejar Aliff).

Ibu masuk sukaneka..bawak bola pingpong dalam sudu...
...while the kids were having fun playing the sand.

A visit to KT also provides me the opportunity to visit my former school, MRSM KT. I did visit it last year but I noticed I did not upload any pix in my blog. Shall do it this time around. KT is far reaching for me, so I wouldn’t know when I shall visit it again. So here it is…after 14 years leaving the school.

23rd May – Abah’s 65th Birthday Celebration

Abah has turned 65 this year! But Alhamdulillah, he’s still strong and steady..and still energetic considering his age. Mak and Abah enjoy their retirement age very much. They just returned from Istanbul, and next month they are going to Langkawi and in July, off to Terengganu. A jet-setter, that’s what they are. Wish me and hubby could be like them in my golden age.

I guess that’s all from me at this moment. Oh yeah, just want to share with you the simple gift I made for Ashraff’s teachers in conjuction with 2008 Teachers’ Day. I was busy fulfilling orders for Teachers’ Day celebration of one Islamic Private School, when Ashraff insisted I did the same for his teacher..and he specifically mentioned which teacher he wanted to give the gift too. So, just like the order I received, I did the same for Ashraff’s teachers…

A personalized paper bag filled with candies.