Monday, May 15, 2006

A Gift for Mother's Day

Ashraff's vocabulary has significantly improved for the last one month, much to our relief. At least now he can repeat the words we are saying sensibly. Pandai jugak anak ku berkata-kata. Now, it is easier for us to communicate.

Here are some of Ashraff's vocabs, and most of it baru sebulan ni je pandai sebut:-
1. Car (perfect!)
2. Train (perfecto!)
3. Bus (nicely said!)
4. Am (when he sees McDonalds or any foods)
5. Air (perfecto!)
6. Ayie (lebih kurang mcm air, but it's lorry actually).
7. Wa-wa-wa tu (bulan. Ni atok dia ajar wa-wa-wa tu bulan).
8. Bawang (ni Bibik yg ajar).
9. Water (can use interchangeably with air).
10. Where? (perfect!)
11. Goong-Goong (for dog)
12. Auw (for cat. Macam bunyi kucing gatal je).
13. Duck (perfect!)
14. Bee (lebah)
15. Bai-bai (sounds like bye-bye, but it's for butterfly. Guess, butterfly is a hard word for him).
16. Api (for fire)
17. Bang-bang (for his gun or everytime he sees tembak-menembak action on the screen).
18. Patah (everytime his toys patah / damage).
19. Bear
20. Pish (Fish)
21. Wow! (everytime he sees something impressive).
22. Ouch! (sakit lepas jatuh).
23. Allah (everytime nampak kita solat, nampak sejadah or telekung, or azan berkumandang).
24. Ukh-ukh (bila "membuang", if u got what I mean..hehehe)
25. No! (for almost everything that he refused to)
26. Atas
27. Bawah
28. Star
29. Goal! (this is his first word).

Phrase (more than one word in one go)
1. Nak am (Nak makan)
2. Nak air (nak air suam or susu..pandai2lah figure out which one).
3. One-Two-Bee (for one-two-three).
4. This one (everytime he pointed out something in the book, he'll say "this one" then he'll look at our face for us to tell him what is the thing he is pointing)
5. Dah habishh dah (bila cerita kat TV dah habis, or dah selamat "membuang", or dah habis minum susu).
6. Air..Bawah (nak swimming. Maknanya nak pergi main air dekat bawah).
7. Bang-bang patah / Ayie patah / Car patah (depending on which toys yang damage).
8. Ayah car (Ayah's car)

1. Barney (perfect!)
2. Jojo (Jojo's circus)
3. Oo-oo-oo (for Bob the Builder. I don't know how he got that.)
4. Ayah
5. Abah (for tok abah)
6. Adok (for tok mak)
7. Abang
8. Kakak
9. Ana (for his Aunty Ana)
10. Nenek (for Nek Lon).
11. Bibik
12. Baby (lebih kurang sama macam Bibik bunyinye..kena dgr betul2).

Wow! Quite a lot when I listed it down. But, how come there's no "Ibu"?
That's because he just refused to say it, or probably he finds it hard to do so. Not even a simple "Bu" comes out from his mouth! Tension babe!!

At one time, I felt the urge of changing "Ibu" to a simpler word like "Mama" or "Ummi", which apparently he can say it perfectly. Tapi hubby kept on reassuring me that one day he'll say the word. "He is saving the best for last," kata hubby.

Indeed, it is true.

On 12th May 2006, for the very first time, Ashraff looked at my face, straight into my eyes and said the word that I am waiting to hear since the day he was born...I-B-U. Sempurna sekali bunyinya. Ya Allah! Bergenang air mata...

I asked him again "Ni siapa Ashraff?" while patting my chest.

"I-BU" followed by a wide grin on his face.

I could not help it but to hug and kiss him on his cheek.

"Ibu, Ibu, Ibu"...He repeated the word few times, while clapping his hands, showing a sign of achievement. He looked satisfied that he could say the word. Nampaknya bukan ibu sahaja yang puashati, Ashraff pun puashati dapat cakap "Ibu".

Then, I rushed outside the room together with Ashraff to break the news to hubby, who was watching Astro (most probably channel 80, 81 or 82).

I asked him to ask Ashraff who am I.

Ashraff replied with a wide grin "I-BU"...then he clapped his hands.

Me and hubby both celebrated the success by clapping our hands too. Ashraff is so excited that he can say the word, he ended up ketawa sambil guling-guling atas carpet. What a moment to remember...

That is the best Mother's Day gift I have so far!

I hope it is not too late for me to wish "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!" to all mothers out there!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Keluh resah di pagi hari.

I hate the morning rush...and the evening rush.

Pagi-pagi orang berpusu-pusu nak pergi kerja. Kat Stesyen Star LRT Salak Selatan, punyalah ramai manusia. Jangan harap nak dapat tempat duduk. Worse still is Masjid Jamek station. MasyaAllah, a very long queue just to get in the LRT. Macam pagi ni je, LRT yang ke-4 barulah boleh masuk. Nasib baik tak lambat sampai office!

Balik kerja lagi satu hal. Dari Dang Wangi Putra LRT nak ke Masjid Jamek tu, kalau tak meng'sardin'kan diri, jangan harap dapat masuk. Sometimes I wish I have the sticky palm like Spiderman so I can stick myself at the roof. Senang sikit nak dapat fresh air. But imagine myself doing it, ishk...buruklah pulak...

And the thing about a 3-month pregnant lady is that her tummy looks just like she has excess fat around her waist. So, most people in the LRT I noticed, look at me up and down, considering whether I ni betul-betul pregnant or perut je buncit. They must be thinking "Kalau aku offer dia tempat duduk, and she is not pregnant, that will be an insult to her. Tapi kalau tak offer, and dia betul-betul pregnant, rasa bersalah pulak." So, most end-up not offering me the seat. Terpaksalah berdiri sepanjang journey, which took me around 45-60 mins every day. Lama tu!

I do not know what it feels like when I reached my third trimester nanti. I hope by then, people would notice a pregnant lady squeezing her way into the LRT, and would offer me a seat. Hope Allah will give me the strength to endure a tough journey going back and forth to work...No doubt, kat luar sana ramai yang lagi susah daripada I. But, for someone yang biasa berambil berhantar oleh suami, bila dah kena macam ni, terasalah peritnya jugak...That's life...

But that does not change the feeling I got for the morning and evening rush...I still hate them!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Woke-up from the 'Dead'...

Unlike other weekends where I chose to spend time at home (yelah..asyik rasa nak muntah je), last weekend I woke up feeling fresh and healthy.

"What's our plan for today? Kalau takde plan, jom kita gi KLCC!"

Hubby looked at me one-kind, probably he was suprised that I'm feeling energetic after 2 months of melepek habis.

So, we all siap-siapkan Ashraff and off we went to KLCC, planning to check out Isetan sale and get some books for Ashraff. We reached there around 11 a.m, where KLCC still has ample parking.

As usual, KLCC is jam-packed with people. First things first, check out Isetan dulu. Takde mood nak cari kasut, or even my own clothing. Probably due to the fact that sooner or latter, kaki akan bengkak semacam and perut akan memboyot. So, we went to men's department. I persuaded hubby to buy a new office shirt, though he refused to. "Tempat kerja baru, kenalah pakai baju baru". "50% ni, bukan selalu dapat murah cam ni". "Yang ni 60%. Lagi murah!". This wife is testing her persuasive power. Hubby gave in and bought himself a shirt...Bingo!

Then, to the children's department. I wanted to buy a gift for Anissa's new-born baby boy. It turned out Hush Puppies had a promotion for its kids' wear at that level. So they are giving out balloons everywhere. Ashraff got one too. Then, while waiting for me browsing through some maternity jeans, hubby and Ashraff waited at a corner, near a door meant only for Isetan staff. Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and out came a tall and big Hush Puppies mascot with all his escorts, clad in HP's t-shirt and carrying colourful balloons.

The first kid that the mascot saw was of course my lil Ashraff, since he is just a footstep away from the door. Alamak! I started panicky. I rushed to Ashraff and hold his shoulder, ready to console him, just in case he is afraid of the big and tall doggie. To my suprise, my cheeky lil boy, made a huge smile and shake the mascot's hand. Pheww!! Dia tak takut...what a relief!

Me and hubby thought we could continue shopping calmly, without having to deal with Ashraff's fear. But we were wrong! Few minutes after the HP's mascot was out of our sight, Ashraff suddenly shrieked "Goong, goong!! Goong, goong!!" (the sound of a dog), while pointing to the mascot's direction. He tried to escape from his stroller. That gave us the sign that he wanted us to follow the mascot. What?!! Helllloooo...Relaxlah babe...Ibu belum done with the shopping, and you expect us to parade with the mascot?!

But he insisted us to do it. So, here we are, trying our best to manoeuver in the crowded place, just to find the lost doggie. Ashraff pulak tak berhenti-henti "Goong! Goong!". Ishk, mana pulak 'goong, goong' ni? Takkan sekejap je dah hilang...

We found the mascot near Isetan's exit, surrounded by children. Some were smiling, and some were crying out of fear, while the parents were trying their best to console their kids. Ada seorang bapak tu siap mintak belon kat one of the escorts, "Boleh mintak satu belon untuk anak saya tak? Dia takut nak salam the mascot." Macam-macam kerenah...

Ashraff was just the opposite. He is crying because he wanted to see his 'goong-goong'. And selagi tak dapat, selagi tulah menjerit-jerit. "Sabarlah dude...Ramai orang ni. Your turn will come very soon".

At last, sampailah turn Ashraff untuk salam dengan his fav mascot, lagi sekali. As the mascot reached out his hand to shake Ashraff's hand, this currently grinning-from-ear-to-ear Ashraff not only come out with one hand, but two hands, meaning which he wanted the doggie to carry him!! With such thick mascot suit, I knew that it's impossible for the doggie to do it. Alamak!! Now Ibu is afraid Ashraff will cry out of dissapointment. But alhamdulillah, he did not. Instead, he just grinned and waved goodbye to the doggie. As a gift, Ashraff received another balloon. So unlike other kids who got one balloon each, Ashraff got two!! And he hold tight to the two balloons while Ibu and Ayah continued shopping...


Malamnya pulak, still feeling energetic after 1 1/2 power nap in the day, I agreed to follow hubby to his friend's brother's wedding. What motivated me to attend the wedding was Haariz's mommy is coming along, so Ashraff has Haariz as a company. Takdelah boring sangat since dia ada kawan.

Since Ashraff and Haariz (2 months older than Ashraff) are an only child (so far) and taken care by the grandparents and maid respectively, I am so looking forward to see whether Ashraff can mix and make friends well with children his age (selalunya budak baya ni suka kawan dengan kids three, fours years older than them). Both Ashraff's and Haariz's skills are at par, cuma Haariz punya vocab banyaklah berbanding Ashraff. Perangai pun lebih kurang je. So they got along pretty well. Mungkin sebab bapak dengan bapak sekepala, anak pun samalah agaknya. My hubby and Haariz's mommy's hubby were schoolmates.

Here are some captures of the night, courtesy of Haariz's mommy (thanks beb!):-

Ashraff in white and Haariz in red, communicating with a language that only they could understand.

Haariz showing his knee after a fall at a rocky surface and Ashraff looking...with sympathy? Or is he just analyzing the situation?.

Masing-masing layan diri...

Ada tokoh tak nak bukak daycare centre? Muahahaha...

Hei, apa yang Ashraff buat tu?

Haariz, gelilah bunga manggar tu!!

Lepas ni, kalau badan rasa sihat dan segar, the next time hubby has his futsal session with his schoolmates, I will sure to bring Ashraff along so he could have his own futsal game with Haariz...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Celoteh di pagi hari...

Ishk..rasanya macam very plain this blog without any self-taken picchas. Kenapalah boleh rosak pulak lense digital camera tu?? Have not bring the camera for repair as yet, thus, no clue at all on how much it will cost, and whether it's worth to repair or just buy a new one...In anyway, money is involved here...Duit lagi...

Tetiba terfikir pulak how it will be like if I were born in a filthy rich family like this lad here...
One month old Barron William Trump, the son of Donald Trump

Would life be much easier with money to buy for almost anything??

Ishk...where is this topic lead to? I have no idea. It's just my rants and rambles this early morning, before I start buat kerja office yang memeningkan kepala ini...


Sambung celoteh lagi...

I've recently bought two novels at Times Bookshop. I've finished one - Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarthy and currently reading The Pact by Jodi Picoult. I'm trying my luck reading books written by authors that I am not familiar with.

The first book is hilarious and romantic at the same time. Hubby was suprised that I read such book, because the cover itself signifies how light the content is. But I enjoyed the book very much. No wonder the rating given by Amazon is 5 stars!!

It's about a daughter of a rich man, who was forced to hunt for a job when his father decided to cut all her allowances and credit card usage just to teach her the meaning of 'tough love'. She ended up being a babysitter at a farmer's house - a young and handsome farmer. So macam biasalah, they fall in love...

Simple, typical and predictable story. But the dialogue is so funny and unexpected that it makes me imagine what a story it will turn out to be if it is adopted for the big screen. I'm imagining Alicia Silverstone to take up the role of the heiress...Hehehe...wild imagination...

Unlike the former one, this second book I’m reading carries a more serious and heavy content. It’s about two teenagers who fall in love and one is found dead, while the other is heavily wounded. The survived teenager claimed that he and his girlfriend were involved in a suicide pact. As parents who view their children as obedient, no sign of depression whatsoever, the news left a big question “Do we ever really know our children at all?”.

Scary thought! It makes me think, when our children are small, they look up to us for everything..almost everything. But when they are bigger, a teenager perhaps, can we ever control them? Can I – with my own children? Now, I understand how freaking strict my parent were when I was in my teens. Nak pergi sana dengan sapa? Nak tidur rumah kawan?! Nak pergi camping? Sapa lagi ikut? Biar mak abah hantar…Masa tu tension tak ingat punya!! But now, when I become a mother myself, I begin to understand the tough journey of the being a parent. Eeee…susah jugak yek…Berpeluh memikirkannya…

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Find the Treasure...

Yippee! We had so much fun during the long weekend.

We joined the fun and excitement of Amazing Trails 2006, an annual treasure hunt event co-organized by Tribe Toyota and Huntmaster. Basically the Tribe Toyota membership is opened to all users or buyers of Toyota Unser, Innova, Avanza, Hilux, Fortuner and RAV4 which is catagorised as tribe toyota vehicle (oh, i hope i get the facts right).

This is the first time I joined a 'public' treasure hunt event as the prior three events I participated were organized by my Bank. Pheww!! It was such a big event with 57 cars, lined up infront of UMW Toyota building in PJ as early as 7 a.m. in the morning. Each team member were given a nice canvas bag filled with t-shirt, cap, some stationaries and guidelines. Then we were served by LaCucur's yummylicious breakfast (I have to say it's yummylicious since I can eat tremendously despite my current situation). During the breakfast, we were given a simple briefing by the organizer. This briefing is vital for first-time participants, but for others, it is a good refresher course.

Basically, in this race, we have to solve 30 questions, in which the answers are the signboards along the road. And find 4 treasures, which are things that we need to find and buy along the way. Then we have 5 road safety questions (kacang putih!) and a bonus point of 10 marks for being able to 'pancing' 5 golf balls in a minute at McDonalds Senawang.

The flag-off started at around 8.30 a.m. We were given 6 hours to reach the checkpoint (which I love to refer as pit-stop..ala-ala Amazing Race). But hell, the time is so limited! We never encounter problem with timing before, but this time around, it was bad...mostly contributed to the heavy traffic at Plus highway towards Senawang...And the hard questions that need to be solved.

Gee, it was hard! Maybe we are amatuers at this game or maybe we are not creative or observant enough to solve the questions, or maybe our brains have "berkarat" since the last TH we participated was like 2 years ago. But, we really had trouble solving some of the questions and finding the treasures.

Here are some of the questions we received plus the answer in red (some we managed to solve, and some were like Duh!):-
(i) Tom is entwined in this subtle poetry - Optometry @ Kedai Kaca Mata Billion (T-O-M can be found in the word OPTOMETRY, and if you omit TOM from the word and reschuffle the rest of the letters, you get POETRY). Tricky yeah?

(ii) Pregnant? What and Where? - BUNTING@Digital Printing Image (Dot to Dot Image Sdn Bhd) (usually in printing, bunting is pronounce as "banting" but if u try to look at it in another way, it also carries the same spelling as "Bunting" - a Malay word for pregnant). Gee...

(iii) Mushu and friends, perhaps? - DRAGONS @ XXXXX Sdn Bhd (I can't remember the name of the shop as we could not solve this question because we have no idea who is Mushu. Mushu? Is it an Indian name? Or Chinese name? It is actually a character in Mulan, a dragon named Mushu which is Mulan's bestfriend. I did watch Mulan few times but it just didn't cross my mind that day that the answer to the question came from the story. Oh Whateverrr...).

So that is 3 out of 30 questions that we received. It is very challenging, thus me and hubby love to enter this kind of event coz it is a way for us to exercise our brain and simultaneously, keep the adrenalin pumping.

The drawback is that I am not fit to go through the whole race without feeling lethargic. Half way during the race, my feet sore and I felt fatigue. The good thing was I didn't feel like throwing up the food I ate during the journey. Hubby asked me to stay in the car while he and the rest of our team hunt for answer. I tried to confine myself, but would not able too. Mana boleh dok diam dalam kereta je. It is so tempting to search for answers! So, I drag my sore feet and walked back and forth to search for answer.

By the time I reached the hotel, I could not stand any further and immdiately jumped into the very 'empuk' tilam and doze off to la-la land.

At around 8 p.m, we had the gift-giving ceremony plus a very lovely dinner. Suprise, suprise, no one is a loser in the race coz each team received a price (cuma besar atau kecik ajelah). Least than expected, we ended up in 25th position out of 57. Not bad...considering we missed out almost half of the questions. We obtained RM150 voucher of "the-big-blue-and-yellow-building" at Mutiara Damansara as our TH prize. Yippee!!

Half way through the ceremony, we received a phone call from Mak and Abah, and was asked to pick-up Ashraff at the lobby. Despite such an eventful day, I still missed my lil Ashraff. So, I am so glad to see his face, grinning at me the moment he saw me. Another reason to celebrate...

All in all it was such a fun occassion for both me and hubby. The sad thing is this will be the last event that we can participate since hubby has joined UMW Holdings (UMW Toyota's parent company) yesterday, and all Toyota's staffs are not allowed to enter such public event...Too bad...

Ahhh...there are other places who organized such event. To sesapa yang nak cuba nasib dalam TH ni, why don't you check out Time Out Solutions for a start. Their next coming events are The Sun Motor TH in June and AWAM Hunt in July. Sapa nak pergi?! Kalau tak cukup orang nak make one team, kami sudi meng'offer' diri walaupun kami ini tidaklah terrer mana-:)