Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ashraff & Exam..

Ashraff's mid-sem started yesterday. And seriously as a mother I have not done well to monitor and guide him..and am definitely not proud of it.

I could only bank on his intelligence and hope that he doesn't make any silly mistakes like in the past. Thank God Hubby was around the whole week last week so he did manage to teach Ashraff few subjects.

But that isn't the crucial part. The critical part is when Ashraff feel sick last Friday. He started to develop slight fever and liquid stool. And then it stopped for one day. Then on Sunday night, it started again. Although it's not like the normal case of food poisoning where you vomit and have frequent bowel movement, this time it's just one or two movement but it's in liquid form. I bought him to the clinic immediately.

Yesterday, he started to lose appetite. Mak had to bring him to the clinic again to get an MC while I called up the teacher to tell him about Ashraff's condition. The teacher told me he has to take the exam or else it will be forfeited and there is a big possibility that he might drop to a lower ranking class next year. Alamak!

So Mak again (to the rescue) drove him to the school and he took his exam in the school office. He started his first paper like any other students but he can move on to the next paper immediately. So all in all, he completed his exams (3 papers altogether) less than 1 1/2 hour.

I don't know how he perform in such condition but I just hope and pray he will be able to answer all the questions well.

As for now, I am not really worry about the exam but I'm worry about his health condition. He is losing weight and still the condition does not improve after 2 days. You see, after what had happened to arwah Abah, we are phobia when it comes to stomach problem. I hope that nothing serious has happened to Ashraff and it's just a temporary situation. We plan to bring him to see paeditrician once his exam is over and if the condition still persist.

For now, just pray that he is okay..keep on praying...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Handmade Gift for Teacher's Day.

The boys are excited over celebrating Teacher's Day at school. Especially Ashraff who has new set of teachers this year. One week in advance he has started to write notes to the teachers with the message 'I Love You' and put it in an envelope. He told me he wants to give his teachers on Teacher's Day.

Instead of having a plain white paper with brown envelope, I decided to bring him to our favourite stationery shop and bought few coloured paper stocks for him to make a proper handmade cards for his teachers. He decided to give his favourite teachers notebook as gift (ok yang ni tak handmadelah). Out of 9 teachers, he shortlisted to only 4 including his class teachers.

Of course, Aliff jumped in the bandwagon and decided to give his teachers too.

As for me, I intend to experiment with something new and decided to make paper bag from a normal envelope.

So starting Saturday night, the boys are busy making their teachers cards...

And me with the paper bag...voila! I did it!

And here is the finish product...

Inside : A Handmade Card and a notebook.

Inside: A Handmade Card and set of scented candle. I also bought smaller scented candle for the rest of his teachers. He has about 14 teachers altogether.

I guess this is going to be an annual event. And soon there will be Aqieff joining...

Lama-lama sure dah takde idea nak bagi apa.