Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is Ashraff, Aliff and Aqieff's Life...


Ashraff's life revolves around school, cartoon network, PSP...and hospital.
Every 6 months since the middle of last year, he has to check-in at the hospital for various reasons - June last year due to dengue, December, appendix..and on 5th July 2010, ear problem. It was a dreadful event for all of us, to see him having to go through a painful recovery.

About a month prior to the event, we noticed that his hearing ability was deteriorating as he couldn't hear his father on the other end of the phone (while it is of no problem to Aliff). We thought it was just a case of stubborn wax that caused his ears to block. But since the ear drop doesn't work, he was referred to ear specialist. That is when we discovered it might not be just normal wax problem, as he feels pain in the ear (and not to mention itchiness).

Ashraff was admitted on 5th July for the doctor to monitor him the whole day. We couldn't get a single room (gee, i hate that). To those who are used to the hospital environment, you might know how boring it is to be in one. And it makes matter worse when we couldn't watch the TV comfortably due to the position of the bed and the TV itself (kena tgk dari celah2 tirai). I was pissed off but thank God Ashraff was ok with it.

Ashraff was instructed to fast starting 12 am so I forced him to stay awake to take his 'sahur' before he sleeps that night. KFC for sahur..he ate 3 pcs of chicken at 11.30pm!

The next day he was brought to operation theater at 12 pm! This means he has to fast for more than 12 hours and that drives the 6 years old up the wall! It turns out that the doctor had to do 2 operations before Ashraff. Adoi mak...The wait was unbearable for both of us! (Just in case you are wondering, Hubby kerja macam biasa..orang ada 15 hari annual leave je. But he did came during lunch hour to see Ashraff).

Since this is the 2nd time he had to go through operation, Ashraff was phobia. His eyes were filled with tears all along the way to the OT till he was put to sleep. "Takut", "Taknak" was all I heard from him. Ibu had to be strong to motivate him but deep down inside only God knows.

Can you see my eyes filled with tears?

This time around, unlike during the appendix operation, I was the one who accompanied Ashraff into the OT. It was my first time entering such spooky place and I can feel cold shivers running down my spine. The light, the equipment..yikes! Please oh please don't let me enter this room again...

Ashraff was put under the influence of anesthetic at about 1 pm. Doctor needs to probe his ears, take all the wax out and see what's the problem deep down inside. It was a short procedure so about 30 minutes he was out, crying really loud! And what panics me was that I can see blood coming out from his ears, nose and mouth! Scary! I wanted to cry and scream really bad but I just had to remain calm and strong for Ashraff's sake.

Finally, he managed to doze off after an episode of crying and screaming.

Waking up complaining about his sore throat "Tak selesa tekak Ashraff ni."

According to the doctor, his ears are filled with water..and he has some sort of inflammation at his throat so doctor had to take it out (nope, not tonsil). So the after effect was quite bad. Ashraff was complaining about his sore throat and also the dizziness due to the anesthetic. He was crying all the way...until the nurse gave him pain killer in the evening.

Later that night, he can smile..and eat normally. He ate soft and cold food..porridge and ice-cream. That's the thing about Ashraff. He recovers easily. Just like when he had appendix removed. Undergo operation at 12 am, and by noon he can walk already. Alhamdulillah. Even the doctor was surprised to see him eating normally the next day. The doctor told me that the boy who had the same operation before Ashraff (also 6 yo) is still energy-less and lying in bed.

So Ashraff was happily discharged from the hospital. Oh yeah, we got our single room as soon as Ashraff got out from the OT. All in all, we are glad everything went well...and I really hope Ashraff wouldn't have to check-in at the hospital in December. He was so used to the procedures that he even questioned the reason why he was put on drip..."Ashraff bukannya sakit perut pun...Ashraff makan ok je...". I have no idea how to answer that...

After having to go through the traumatic experience, suddenly I remember what the nurse told me when Ashraff got out from the OT "Kenapa tak sunatkan sekali dah alang-alang masuk OT?" Gosh! Why didn't I think of that? Oh no! Not again!


In life, we meet people to set memories..and depart to remember them. That's what happened in the life of my 4 year old boy. On 9th July 2010, it was Aliff's last day at Taska Ummi Sarah. We decided to send Aliff to Ashraff''s school so that he got used to the surrounding before Ashraff leaves the school for Primary One next year. At least for the first six months in his kindy life he got a big brother to accompany him.

It was a big move for Aliff (and me) as we have to say goodbye to Ummi, who has been taking good care of Aliff for the last two years. Personally I am blessed to meet Ummi when our maid decided not to come back to work for us. She did a great job. Aliff is healthy. Setiap kali badan Aliff susut lepas baik demam, hantar je rumah Ummi, Aliff terus gebu semula.

Not only that, Aliff also has to bid farewell to almost 20 of his friends including his two best friends, Rayyan and Faris. I gave Ummi kain ela as a token of appreciation, and she gave me tudung in return. We both were in tears. I do pasang niat to send Aqieff to Ummi if and should my mom's maid decides to go back to her hometown for good.

Then on 12th July 2010, Aliff entered school for the first time. It was a breeze for him as Ashraff is around. I don't even take any leave. I just send him at the gate and of he went inside, following his brother...and so far, he is excited to go to school everyday, alhamdulillah.

Despite that, he still misses Ummi. He didn't say it explicitly but this one time, he asked Mak (who fetch him from school) to drive pass rumah Ummi so he could wave goodbye. "Bye-bye kat rumah je pun takpe," Aliff told Mak. Alahai kesian..

As for school, I hope by next year Aliff can be independent enough to stay on his own. For now, he depends a lot on Ashraff.


On 8th July 2010, my baby has turned one. Time really flies!

On that day, since both of us do not take leave, so he spent the day just like his any other ordinary weekdays:-

Woke up at about 7am.

An everyday journey to rumah Ummi to send Abang Aliff (masa ni, Aliff belum pergi sekolah lagi), then to rumah Tok Mak together with Abang Ashraff who is still on MC (after 3 days in hospital).

A greeting from Bibik...and a birthday wish..

Ibu Ayah dah balik ofis! As usual, upstairs playing with Abang Ashraff and Abang Aliff.

At the age of one, Aqieff is very much a baby to us. He still could not walk..unlike his two brothers who walk at 11 months. He is still cradle to sleep with a rocker (an infant-to-toddler really helps). And if he is matured enough, he is still a baby to us, no matter what:)

Happy 1st Birthday, Aqieff! Ibu, Ayah, Abang Ashraff and Abang Aliff love you so much!

We had a simple birthday celebration at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang that weekend.