Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Birth of Our Lil Princess

Two weeks before the delivery, I had my usual check-up at APSH. It turned out to be that my blood pressure is at a borderline (unexpected..but not surprise as this is not my first case involving high BP). Since it was just borderline, Dr Fauziah gave me one week to monitor my blood pressure and if it surpassed the acceptable limit, I had to be put to labour straight away. For the next 7 days, every morning and evening, I had my BP checked at either the clinic at my office, or near my house, or at home with Mak's machine. Still under control.

After a week, I had to see her again. My BP is still at borderline. So she gave me one week MC (actually I asked for it..hehe) and instruct me to continue monitor my BP. If it is still under control, I were to come back another week and from there I can decide whether I want to be put into labour or continue being pregnant and let nature takes it course.

I came back to see my gynae after a week. Unfortunately, Dr Fauziah was on leave so a locum gynae i.e Dr Sharifah was in-charged that day. By then I could not take the ritual of having to monitor my BP daily, so I decided for her to induce me.

The date is 13th June 2011.

11.00 am
I was admitted to Room 324 of APSH.

Seriously APSH badly needs a make-over for their rooms.

At 1.00 pm
Nurse put one pill 'downunder' to induce the labour. And to my suprise, the pain starts immediately. This surprised me as in the case of Ashraff and Aliff, I did not feel the pain until water bag was broken. I don't know whether is it because my pain tolerance has increased or because of my age, but boy, was it painful..and it is not even dilated for more than 2 cms. Gosh!

4.15 pm
I was brought to labour room. Dilation only 2.5 cm. What a slow progress!

5.30 pm
Had my epidural jap. Just like my 3rd delivery, I did ask for epidural from the start, not because of the labour pain, but the pain that I had to bear when the episiotomy was done. Pelik tapi benar..hehe. But this time around, I'm glad I did ask for epidural, as I could not tolerate the labour pain. Entah kenapa. After the epidural, I could finally relax..and doze off.

At about 6.00 pm
Water bag was broken.

Around 6.15
Hubby told me he was hungry and going down to have a quick meal. I was only 4 cm dilated. I got a phone call from my cousin, Tini which I answered happily. Chat on the phone like I wasn't in labour. That's the beauty of epidural...hehe. At the same time, I could hear the person next door in her active labour.

At about 6.45 pm
Suddenly I feel the urge to push. I push the call button for the nurse. It took them few minutes to come as they are all attended to the delivery next door. In the meantime, I called up Hubby who was still enjoying his meal downstairs. "Yang, i rasa macam nak meneran dah!". "Ok, I datang sekarang."

The nurse came and checked on my cervix. "Ok, dah ready.." and she prepared the room for labour - the lights, the tools..and tried to call Dr Sharifah at the same time. She tried to call the doc numerous times but there seemed to be no answer. I was panicky..and I could not bear the need to push any longer. I was asked to hold on while she tried to get hold of the doctor. What?! Seriously, I was not an easy thing to do so I took the gas to ease the pain whenever the urge came. Finally she could talk to the doctor..and guess what, she had an emergency OT.

"Puan boleh tunggu lagi 15 minit?" 15 minit?! 1 minit pun dah tak boleh dah!

So the nurse was proactive enough. He called up the gynae next door who had just finished her delivery to attend to me. She is Dr Ariza. The moment she came in she immediately asked me to push.

At 7.07 pm
Our one & only princess was born! She is a healthy baby..alhamdulillah...

Name : Azraa binti Mohd Fitri
DOB : 13 June 2011 (11 days before the EDD)
Weight at Birth : 3.22 kg.

Length at Birth : 53 cms (all my children have the same length).

Suara dia boleh tahan..lantang..reminds me a lot of Abang Ashraff..

So if people ask me which gynae attends to me...I would say that for check-up is Dr Fauziah, but she was on leave so Dr Sharifah replaced her..but she had an emergency OT, so Dr Ariza yang sambut..phewhhh!

Dr Ariza doing episiotomy while Dr Sharifah with her OT outfit busy chatting with the nurse.

Welcome to the family, my dear Azraa! You are our precious gem that the Ibu & Ayah (& Abg Ashraff) have been waiting for. You complete us...and you are very lucky to have three big brothers to love and protect you.

Read about Ashraff's birth here, Aliff's birth here and Aqieff''s birth here.


Umm Ummar said...

Alhamdulillaah...yes what a beautiful family u have there :) congrats Ija

Adawiah said...

..alangkah bahagianya..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Raf! happy for you dah cukup korum semua.. :) I pulak dah malas nak beranak lg..cukuplah 4 girls ni..ehehe..nak membesarkan tu yg jadi main priority now..Happy breastfeeding and berpantang..


so cute ! lagi lagi bila abg2 die tengok adik.. gewammmm!! =)

Anonymous said...

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